O-week and first years

The time has come for what we’ve all been waiting for…O-week! Apart from it also being the first week of school which means classes and lectures, it is a time for meeting new people, having fun and welcoming everyone back to Brock for a fantastic year. Every year there are events that are brought back and new ones that are introduced to orientation week. However, there is one thing in particular that has never changed – O-week has always been first-year oriented.

What I mean by first year oriented is that most of the events are “first-year friendly.” Right from day one, the main focus is on the students in residence. A lot of the residence move-in times are scheduled at the beginning of the day up until the afternoon. After that there are floor meetings and Brock off-campus events for students to get to know some of their peers who in the local community. It isn’t until later in the day that there are events for the rest of the school but even after that, there’s an all ages event that everyone can attend.

Throughout the week there are orientations for different faculties, with a primary focus on- yet again – the first years and a couple other all ages’ events too. There are also the residence summer games and campus tours which aren’t only for first-years, but the majority of people attending are newcomers.

Although there are plenty of events that any student can take part in for the first week of school, it’s no hidden surprise that all of us here at Brock are trying to make the first-year students more comfortable. The way the events have been planned accommodate everyone which makes it really fair. There are things for everyone to do, of every interest, every age, and every faculty. Because a lot of the events are for first years, it’s convenient in the sense that it gives them something to do while they’re learning who they are and figuring out what they’re doing. It’s also a new place that they’re getting to know more about through these events.

These events are also fun and unique, because a lot of the new students at Brock have probably never been to something like condom poker night or a paint party before. Because the upper-year students have likely already found their niche at Brock already, the mixture of events can really appeal to everyone, because they’ve probably all at least done something similar once before. I don’t think a lot of the returning students will miss things like the residence games or faculty orientations- they’ve been through that already. The time that they save while these events take place, they can do what they want and attend the events later.

The structure of O-week has always been considerate of everyone and all their interests, and this fool-proof formula has worked every year. The turnout for the events at Brock University has always been a high number and with the newcomers rolling in, it’s only going to get higher. So, everybody – get ready for an awesome year!

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