Matthew Good fires his arrow

Matthew Von Lukawiecki- The Brock Press

Sept.24.AL.MattGooNot every musician can honestly say that they are at the fore front of the Canadian Rock genre. Matthew Good, on the other hand, most certainly can and he has been there for two decades. Good has been nominated for an exceptional amount of musical awards and his work has been enjoyed by people on an international scale.

Now he is at it again. With the release of his 13th studio  album — which doubles as his 6th solo album — Arrows of Desire, Good continues to take steps forward in the constant transformation of his unique sound. New and original is his forte, so it seems. This album will be taking us in yet another musical direction. The album, plain and simply, is Rock and Roll as it should be, unapologetically visceral and soulful.

Good stands firm to the change of becoming a solo artist, stating, “To be honest, The Matthew Good Band was basically a group of four guys who didn’t like each other. Being a solo artist, there are no politics involved and certainly no arguing over ridiculous things.”

Good is walking an unbeaten path with this new album, returning to the simple core of the Rock and Roll genre. It is a direction that both he and most in his profession haven’t explored in far too many years. Listening to the album one can hear the simplicity at the core of the songs but he also thrown in more modern touches of complexity that woo the ears and please the mind.

“I don’t think the fundamentals of music have changed, and I certainly don’t want to change the music to match what is current,” Good said, “If anything I am guilty of trying to emulate past, more obscure attributes of my work.”

Sept.24.AL.MattgoodIt is not so retro as to be boring and similar to other artist’s work but rather is just enough to create a feeling of nostalgia. Yet, the complex splashes give it dimensions that are new to hear and thus keep the listener hungry for more. This can be seen particularly in the album’s title song “Arrows of Desire”, the quick retro of “We’re Long Gone” and “So Close” which relies heavily on the use of the bass and the drums.

The album as a whole is very well balance with a pleasing amount of calm and slow parts to neutralize the heavy and fast parts that coexist within it. It is a very satisfying album to listen to, even if you are having the worst day of your life, the passionate lyrics and musicality are sure to cheer you up. It is packed full of emotions and lyrically is very poetic and enjoyable even when the subject matter maybe solemn – the entire album is very easy to listen to. Music lovers of almost every variety can find something to love about this album and thus it would be advisable for everyone to at least give it an honest try.

Matthew Good’s Arrows of Desire will be released on September 24th and will be followed by a tour of Canada including eleven shows in Ontario. These shows include Hamilton on October 25th at the Hamilton Place Theatre and Toronto on November 1st at Massey Hall as well as many other noteworthy venues.

Tickets are on sale now on Ticketmaster and preorders of the album are also available from his web site,

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