Homecoming 2013 in Calgary

One thing that Brock University might be best known for (apart from Boomer the Badger) is our ridiculous amount of school spirit. The month of September is a big one for Brock students – the beginning of the school year, O-week, and of course – Homecoming. From September 19th to the 22nd, the city of St. Catharines can expect to see seas of red, white, and navy all over town in celebration of Homecoming 2013. Despite our lack of a football team, the students of Brock University still know how to show endless amounts of pride for their school, especially for homecoming weekend.

Homecoming-LogoThis year, it isn’t just the St. Catharines community that will be celebrating Homecoming 2013 – the former Brock graduates of Calgary, AB are also planning on showing their school spirit this year. The Calgary Brock Alumni network, one of the ten alumni networks that Brock University currently has, is planning to revive the homecoming spirit this year all the way in Calgary.

The Calgary Brock Alumni Network is hosting an event on Thursday, September 19, 2013, at the Craft Beer Market, a restaurant and bar located right outside of downtown Calgary. The network is inviting fellow Calgary alumni to complimentary drinks and appetizers during happy hour at Craft Beer Market, which is a place well known for having over 100 different kinds of beer on tap.

Just as everyone in the St. Catharines and other neighbouring communities will be staring their homecoming festivities on September 19th, it is satisfying to know that our school spirit does not just start and end at Brock’s campus, but continues halfway across the country as well. Anyone attending the event is required to register through the Homecoming 2013 Alumni website.

Apart from Calgary, there are also other upcoming alumni events that will be taking place in Edmonton, Ottawa and Hamilton. Brock’s alumni have managed to stay connected for years through social networking on Facebook and Twitter and even the Brock web page. The Alumni page on the Brock University website is filled with lists of difference Brock events within several different areas, it provides former graduates of different ways of connecting with the rest of their class, and even provides them with several benefits including discounts on services, credit cards, and home and auto insurance. Brock also offers on-campus benefits and memberships to the Brock Alumni Association, to any Brock graduate who has an alumni card.

Over the years, Brock has made some developments to not only their educational programs but also to their alumni relations services. Brock currently has an alumni newsletter called Brock Alumni Connect, a yearly alumni magazine called Surgite, and a daily news web page online called The Brock News. They also inform alumni of the different forms of media and communication that the students of Brock are exposed to everyday such as BrockTV, CFBU 103.7FM, and last but definitely not least – The Brock Press.

Brock’s alumni have been showing Brock University an endless amount of support and spirit throughout the years, and that doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon.

For more information, visit www.brocku.ca/homecoming.

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