Expresso yourself at the Mahtay Cafe and Lounge

By: Garret Oden- The Brock Press

Are you looking for a place to meet new people, hangout with old friends, or to get involved within the community? How about a comfortable place to study? Do you have a talent that you’ve been waiting for the right opportunity to express? Then I have the perfect spot for you. Mahtay Cafe and Lounge, located on 241 St. Paul Street in downtown St. Catharines, is the place you’ve been searching for.

Opinion - Mahtay CafeThe name Mahtay comes from the term ‘mate’ which is a traditional South American caffeine-rich infused drink. It is known as the ‘drink of friendship’. This is what owner, Chris Lowes, wished to bring to St. Catharines. An establishment that welcomes everyone and brings them together as a community; a dream that he also shares with his wife and family. Lowes loves the romance of a cafe. Over the past two years on a daily basis he has watched on as life happens around him. He has seen it all from within the Mahtay walls; students and workers, musicians and writers, love and loss, a quick chat between friends to hours of soul searching conversations. You may be thinking that this will be a similar experience that you would find at Tim Hortons, Starbucks, or Coffee Cultures, but Mahtay is completely unique. Unlike a franchise, it offers a truly unforgettable experience driven by a dream.

During my visit I had the pleasure of meeting a fifth-year Con. Ed. student from Brock, Ms. Hew Young. Ms. Young, with her personal choice of a London Fog, enjoys visiting the cafe to work on her studies, but also enjoys bringing her friends in as often as she can. “It is the really nice blend of cafe life and entertainment that first brought me to Mahtay. I love their cozy seating, and if I lived closer, I would be here a lot more”, Ms. Young says.

Another student also said that they offer one of the best Vegan pizzas that they have ever had. So treat yourself or your friends to a coffee selected from a wide variety of specialty coffees, tea, delicious baked goods, or enjoy a number of items from their bar. Make sure you try their signature Chicken Apple Club, complete with a homemade apple jam. You will also find a variety of board games to use with your friends, or bring in your unwanted books and check out their current selection.

Stop in to grab a coffee and see their schedule, or visit them online at for their full schedule as well as for more information on each event. You can also like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter for lunch specials, updates on events and more.

Mahtay also provides free wifi and on Wednesdays offers a 10 percent discount to students. This is a wonderful spot, and you will definitely find me at the open mic nights, only cheering of course. Don’t miss out on this unique location that offers another chance to seize your moment, and creates yet another unforgettable memory of your years at Brock. You won’t regret it.

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