Campus bookstore welcomes new director

The Brock Campus Bookstore has recently welcomed Dan Lewis as its director, and Lewis is eager to enhance the offerings for students.

Servicing the 18 000 students, faculty and staff members, the Bookstore boasts a “more than just a bookstore” campaign, and features spirit wear, collectibles, stationery and technology to service the clientele. Now under new direction, Lewis hopes to bring the Campus Bookstore to service students, parents, faculty and staff even better.

Lewis’ most recent retail background comes from working as Regional Manager for Niagara Shoppers Drug Mart for over 10 years and has extensive experience in retail management.

“If there’s one thing I’ve learned is that you need to be responsive to the needs of your customer” said Lewis.

As a result, Lewis understands that the merchandising approach needs to change and adapt to suits the needs of students. “Inevitably, there will be a day where textbooks are not needed. Our goal is to provide for the needs for the University as a whole and we will likely need to adapt to what those needs are” said Lewis.

What’s important to note that the profits of the Campus book store go directly to back into the Brock. Lewis believes that the support from students is beneficial as it contributes to the growth of Brock itself.

“The more we can encourage people to shop on campus, the better it is for the University” said Lewis.

University Bookstores are one of the main resources to encourage school spirit. As Brock’s 50th anniversary approaches next year, the campus Bookstore already has a selection of clothing and memorabilia commemorating the upcoming milestone.

Another way the Bookstore is expanding it’s retail experience is addition of a bookstore to the Guernsey Market, which features a variety of spirit wear and stationary- again all Brock University branded. Students are now able to use their Brock OneCard, or the student i.d card, on campus to make purchases, a new and convenient way to make purchases

“As we learn what students are buying in the store, we’ll adapt to the needs of student buying”. Lewis is looking to formulate a way to receive formal feedback from students but in the interim, Lewis believes that he best way to know what students need is by interacting with them.

Lewis hopes to expand the Bookstore retail to sporting events and community outreach projects, to expand the brand of Brock within the St. Catharine’s Community and beyond. Reasonable profit as opposed to excessive product

Campus bookstore information and store hours are available on their website

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