BUSAC plans for referedum

While students have just started filling the halls of Brock University, the committees at BUSAC have been busy making agendas, scheduling meetings and making plans to service students better for the upcoming school year.

Brock University Student’s Administrative Council (BUSAC) works in partnership with BUSU and handles the majority of student fees, excluding tuition. Over the summer, two meetings took place in May and in July, where decisions, discussions and ideas for the upcoming year were presented.

Josh Doan, Government Operations Manager of BUSAC, says that BUSAC will bring several developments to students, especially in September and October.

In July all the counselors were invited to spend a weekend becoming familiar with BUSAC policies and procedures and to start outlining what 2013-2014 will look like for students.

“It was the busiest meeting I’ve had since we’ve been here in the summer lot of things got voted on and passed” said Doan.

Besides approving student at large for BUSAC committees and holding in-house elections for student positions, BUSAC focused on the upcoming bout of referendums. One of the most sustainable movements in this review is the plan of bylaw 42-0, which is a new bylaw that caters to the development and sustaining of the Referendum Implementation Review Committee. This committee will review all the non-tuition related fees students pay, and evaluate whether or not BUSAC goes to referendum, so the issue can be voted on again by students.

“Student have said they want more oversight with referendums, which was proposal by the Legislative affairs committee that deals with all the bylaws” said Doan. The procedure has already passed the first reading. If it notion passes again during the second reading, taking place on September 10 then it will become a bylaw.

As referendum season approaches, BUSAC is planning on posing three major topics for referendum to Brock Student in October. First, BUSAC poses a strategic expansion referendum fund to support the development of a turf field. A similar process was held a few years ago, where a referendum for the development of the Student Learning Commons passed.

Secondly, the Student Justice Centre is up for renewal, so students can now vote to continue to fund the centre or not.

The third part of the referendum will be Set of Constitutional amendment changes, available online at the end of the week. With more information coming to students throughout the year.

The changes to be vote on are not yet posted as of this issue’s publication date.

The October referendums will take place during an election period leading up to results day, on Thursday the 31.

BUSAC’s first meeting of the year will take place on Tuesday September 10, and will occur every other Tuesday.

For more information, visit www.busu.net/representation/busac/.

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