BUFS PREVIEW: Blue Jasmine

This week, BUFS is pleased to present the latest film from Woody Allen, Blue Jasmine.

We meet Jasmine on a flight to San Francisco, on her way to visit her sister, Ginger. Jasmine is both troubled by and in denial about how her life has fallen apart around her. Hal, her financier husband, has been arrested by the FBI for running a fraudulent financial scheme, fleecing people out of their life savings. Of course, that scheme has been paying for his family’s excessive lifestyle for twenty years. The government has seized all of the ill-gotten assets, leaving Jasmine, broke and alone, to fend for herself.

In stark contrast, Ginger lives a modest life, sharing an apartment with her two children and working in a grocery store. Jasmine is horrified by her new surroundings. She has big plans for putting her life back on track, but her lack of work experience is a liability. She starts drinking, and her attacks on Ginger’s life choices will surely lead to disaster if things don’t pan out with Dwight, a wealthy widower she’s met in California.

Most critics agree that Cate Blanchett, playing Jasmine, has opened this year’s Oscar race with a stunning performance. Andrew Dice Clay, in a small part, has also generated buzz with his solid turn as Ginger’s ex-husband, his first movie role in over a decade. Allen rounds out his fine cast with Sally Hawkins (Happy-Go-Lucky) as Ginger, Peter Sarsgaard (An Education) as Dwight, and Alec Baldwin (30 Rock) as Hal.

Blue Jasmine screens Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. at the Empire Theatres, Pen Centre.                                       

Visit brocku.ca/bufs for details.


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