BUFS PREVIEW: Before Midnight

This week, BUFS opens the fall season with Before Midnight.

In 1995, director Richard Linklater released a quiet, long-take romance called Before Sunrise, the story of two twenty-something travellers who meet on a train in Europe and over the course of several hours spent walking the streets of Vienna, fall in love.The film starred Ethan Hawke as Jesse and French actress Julie Delpy as Celine, and relied on their chemistry, their ability to improvise, and the incredible backdrop of late-night Vienna to draw in audiences. The combination worked—the film was an underground hit.

Nine years later, in 2004, Jesse and Celine are reunited in Before Sunset. In this instalment, Jesse is married with a child, but he has written a novel based on his time with Celine. At his final book tour event in France, Celine appears, and the two agree to pass the time until Jesse’s flight home together. They spend another day wandering, and fall for each other once more.

Another nine years on, in Before Midnight, we meet again with Jesse and Celine, this time in Greece, where the pair are on holiday together. Now a couple, their lives and their romance have changed significantly, and a night spent alone reminds them of what life used to be like for them. They banter, they laugh, and they argue to the point of audience discomfort. All the while, the honesty and intelligence of their dialogue shines a light on the evolution of relationships and the risks of nostalgia.

Before Midnight screens Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. at the Empire Theatres, Pen Centre. Visit brocku.ca/bufs for details.

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