Brock men’s rugby team falls to Western

The Brock University men’s rugby team (0-1 OUA) lost to the University of Western Ontario (1-0 OUA) 27-0 this past weekend.

The weather did not cooperate at all during the game as rain hung over the field and made the playing conditions a mud bath for the players.

The rain continued to be relentless throughout the entire game and players were having trouble holding onto the ball, as it took a long time for players to adjust to the environmental conditions.

Western dominated the first half, but the slippery ball and field made it tough for the Mustangs to get on the board early.

The game was immediately filled with bone crushing tackles, with Brock usually being the team that was getting hit. The Mustangs controlled the game from start to finish, and had many chances to score early.

Five minutes into the game, Western marched down the field and made it to the Badgers goal line. Fortunately for Brock, the Mustangs turned the ball over as they were close to scoring, so the game remained scoreless.

Western found themselves back at the Badgers goal line just minutes later, but once again a turn over cost the Mustangs a chance to take the early lead.

It looked as if Western had taken the lead at the 20 minute mark, however an offside would deny the scoring chance.

After dominating most of the first half, Western looked to be in trouble as the Badgers began to make a push towards their goal line. Despite the effort, the colossal Western defenders stuffed the Badgers and eventually a penalty would put a stop to their scoring attempt.

The first half ended without either team scoring, notwithstanding their valiant attempts. The second half however would be a much different result, as Western began to prove their dominance over Brock.

Two minutes into the second half, Justin Chan (Brantford, Ont) scored a try after he picked up a perfectly placed kick downfield that landed near the goal line. Mike Turnbull (Oakville, Ont) made the conversion kick to put the Mustangs up 7-0.

Minutes later, Turnbull converted a penalty kick — worth three points — to give Western a 10-0 lead. The Mustangs were finally converting points in which they had much trouble doing in the first half of play.

Western continued their dominance of the second half, as they would acquire another try. Ade Ojo (Whitby, Ont) made his way into the end zone, giving Western complete control in the game. Turnbull made another conversion kick, making the score 17-0, at the 53 minute mark.

Ojo has represented Canada two times in his career and proved why during this game. Ojo scored another try in the 71st minute in incredible fashion running half the field, while stiff arming a Brock defender on his way to scoring. A missed conversion made the score 22-0 for Western.

The Mustangs scored one more try in the last minute of the game as Jerry McCarty (Lindsay, Ont) scored to put a stamp on the victory. The final score ended with Brock losing 27-0.

Western is one of the best rugby programs in the OUA, so the Badgers should not be devastated about the loss, especially as it was the first game of the season.

The men’s rugby team’s next home game takes place on Sept 14 against the Laurier Golden Hawks.

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