Brock Badgers rugby squad loses to Guelph

Eric Gravel- The Brock Press

On September 21, the Brock Badgers men’s varsity rugby team (1-2, OUA) lost to the Guelph Gryphons (2-1, OUA) at home by the score of 12-5.

The weather conditions were brutal as rain poured throughout the entire game. The game began to get rough early on as within the first 10 minutes of play, a fight ensued. The fight essentially motivated both sides and as a result, the game play began to pick up.

The wet field seemed to add a sloppy, yet structural effect to the game as the Badgers continued to stick to a proper game play while having a couple of falls along the way. There were many rucks, mauls and scrums as the game was played mostly in the middle of the field.

Brock’s head coach George Burford explained how the weather was a partial factor in the game, saying, “It was not so much the rain, but the field condition. It’s unfortunate the field gets torn up, but it is for both teams and we pulled though the best we could.”

The game started with the Badgers holding the line in their defending zone for about five minutes until Ryan Hickey (Pickering, ON) finally retrieved the ball for Brock.

However, Brock’s defensive line could not hold for much longer as Guelph’s Bryan Boville (Barrie, Ont) scored the first try of the game to make the score 5-0 in the 26th minute. The try was Boville’s first try of the season for the Gryphons

Guelph continued to build their lead as the Gryphons scored once again in the 41st minute to make it 10-0. Martin Daminaoff (Guelph, Ont) would score the try for Guelph. Joe Newman (Waterdown, Ont) executed the conversion kick for the first time in the game so the Gryphons lead went to 12-0.

The game did not see many long runs, as the defence from both sides was impressive throughout the game. However, Brock’s Steve Bayukhin stuck out in the beginning of the second half as he had a very notable run.

Bayukin’s run gave the Badgers very good field possession, but unfortunately he could not turn his speed into points. This evenly matched game, which was played mostly in the middle of the field, continued throughout the game along with fights, cheap shots, and huge hits.

Guelph held their score of 12-0 for a good portion of the game but in a last minute comeback attempt, Brock’s Brandon Marsden (Uxbridge, Ont) scored a try in the 76th minute to make it 12-5. The Badgers could not score the conversion kick, and time would eventually expire on the comeback attempt.

“We had high expectations. We didn’t win, so we’re disappointed with that, but there’s some things that we did really well today,” said Burford.

The Badgers will look to get back on track when they play the Royal Military College of Canada on Oct. 5. This will be the last home regular season game of the season for Brock, and the game starts at 1:00 p.m.

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