Fall semester entertainment round-up

The beginning of September is a magical time. A time where the first year students’ excitement could not be higher and the school work has not yet piled up so high as to block out the sun. So what is a student to do with all this short-lived free time? Here is a breakdown preview of some of the hottest concerts and events that are worth your time and energy.

Brock Centre for the Arts

No comprehensive list of big events could possibly be complete without mentioning the big ticket artist for this year’s O-Week. Tommy Trash is indeed coming to Brock University and (as you might have guessed from his name) he is not a classically trained pianist. Tommy Trash is a world renowned DJ who began his rise to fame after hitting it big with his single, The End. Since hitting it big in 2010, the Australian performer has toured all over Canada and the United States. Trash is a celebrity in his own right, but has also worked with nearly every important person in the modern music industry from David Guetta to Niagara faithful, DeadMau5.

Trash specializes in a fusion style of music called ‘electro-house’ and delivers unique styles and melodious remixes to every track he mixes. Whether or not you are a fan of electronic music, it is a guarantee that Trash is going to have Weather Station Field rocking. Tommy Trash will be taking over Brock University on Wednesday September 4th. Tickets are available at the door and admission is free for Access Gold Members. (More information on Tommy Trash on page 28).

If the spectacle of Tommy Trash doesn’t fit your fancy, one great alternative is the indie band, The Arkells. As if it wasn’t enough that Canada’s favourite rock band are back in the country—but they are going to be at Brock’s very own Homecoming! The multiple Juno award winning band has been active since 2006 and has used that time to hone their skills in becoming one of the best the industry has to offer.

The Arkells performance is on September 21st in Weather Station Field and costs a mere 20$ to attend. Tickets are limited, so make sure you purchase your tickets from BUSU as soon as possible. Plus, The Arkells are also playing a show at McMaster University, so we have no choice but to show them how a real school parties.

If you need a bit more of a ‘reserved’ palette cleanser, then the Niagara Symphony Orchestra is presenting the Master Works series of concerts at the Brock Centre for the Arts. The classical orchestral sounds will serve to distress the O-Week craziness. The first Master Works symphony is on September 29th and centres around a violin concerto.Brock Art

The Beguiling, Andrea Tyniec will be delivering an incredible performance to match the magical realism of the stories being told. The subsequent Master Works symphonies run in December, January, March and May—making 5 total.

If the grandiose theatre is too stressful and you need a place to unwind, there are plenty of more relaxing events as well. The Mansion House is cemented as a temple of St. Catharine’s artistic prosperity; the two-hundred year old tavern is still able to draw an incredible audience. The Mansion House’s legacy is in no danger of shutting down either, considering one of their biggest performances is lined up just on the horizon. Young Empires, a band from Toronto, will be playing on September 14th. For a relatively new group (formed in 2009), the band has already shot into the realm of success, being played all over mainstream radio.

Young Empires has taken top slots in the Canadian charts and they have also been nominated for several awards including ‘best new single” and “best new album’ from the prestigious CASBY Awards. Taking steps closer and closer to international acclaim, it is no doubt that the young band members will all be immortalized in our CD collections. Do not miss out on your chance to see them in an intimate concert before they begin selling out stadiums.

What if you’re not the mosh-pit, in-the-aisles, concert type of person? Well, there are also quite a few less musical events that certainly have the power to entertain. The Brock University Centre for the Arts is hosting a performance called Dancing with Rage—a comedy show presented by Canadian comedienne, Mary Walsh. Walsh has won 18 Gemini awards, so when she writes and stars in a play, you had better take serious notice.

In the play, Walsh takes on her iconic character of Marg Delahuntey, a warrior princess searching for the child she was forced to give up for adoption so many years ago. Although this may sound more heartfelt than comedic, the hilarity ensues when Stephen Harper is thought to be the lovechild. In an all-too Americanized culture, Walsh is a steadfast Canadian and it certainly shows from every aspect of the play. From Rob Ford to all the Members of Parliament, the show might just be the most `Canadian` form of entertainment since Corner Gas. You can catch Mary Walsh on October 6th. Tickets start at 20$—a small price to pay in order to see, quite possibly, the funniest woman in Canada.

CFTAThis is just the beginning of performance season for the Brock Centre for the Arts. There will be a diverse and exciting range of concerts, plays and performances to get excited about. Throughout the year they will be presenting, the tear-jerking voice of Darlene Love (December 11th); four-time Juno winner, Serena Ryder (December 17th); as well as various orchestras, recitals and comedy acts. Between October and April, there is a jam-packed schedule filled with giant names that any true fan cannot possibly afford to miss.

If the hordes of people at a live show make you nervous, there is always the alternative of sealing yourself in the antisocial barricade of a dark cinema. The Brock University Film Series (BUFS) will begin their 11 film season starting on September 18th. If you`re looking for some intellectual and social commentary with your jumbo bag of popcorn, keep a lookout for specific BUFS previews in future issues of the Brock Press.

Brock University is an exciting place not just for the quality education or dorm parties, but for the rich culture enveloping every aspect of the community. More than just the readings or discussions, immerse yourself in every aspect of the services provided for you and broaden your horizons.
In between essays and pulling all-nighters, get involved in the community by supporting local bands, local theatre and, in general, great entertainment. Stay connected and stay involved. These events are only a small taste of the entertainment overload that overwhelms Brock yearly, so don`t miss out on your chance to experience some of the greatest performances of your life.

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