The good guys in sports

The media loves to show the corruption of professional athletes; however, thanks to PGA Tour player Hunter Mahan, it is time to show the wholesome side of athletes.

Recently, Mahan embraced the PGA Tour’s slogan of “These Guys Are Good” in a whole new outlook. After leading the RBC Canadian Open through two rounds of play, Mahan decided to withdraw from the tournament as his wife was going into labour.

Most people assume that withdrawing from the tournament was an obvious choice, but Mahan essentially walked away from a possible $1,008,000 paycheque to be with his family. This really shows what a genuine person he is and shows the positive side of athletes, who are not usually seen in a positive light.

You never hear about athletes who are using their fame to help society, but once a player gets arrested or does something harmful, its front-page news. The media has control over what they want people to read and as a result, good guy stories are put to the backburner.

With this being said, Mahan’s story gave me the idea to actually showcase those athletes who are doing good in society, unlike the recent bad guy story of someone like Aaron Hernandez, who was charged for murder.

Most people know Metta World Peace, formerly known as Ron Artest, for his attack of a fan in 2004, which led to the longest suspension in NBA history

However, since that incident, Peace has been a greatly committed to mental health awareness. Peace has been a huge charitable contributor, and actually raffled off his NBA Championship ring for charity, which sold for over $500,000. Peace will always be recognized for his name change and crazy antics, but he should be recognized for his important charity work.

Tiger Woods is another athlete who has been portrayed in a horrible spotlight due to his marital affairs in 2009. However, as the media only likes to look at one side of the spectrum, his good deeds are usually left out of the conversation.

Tiger Woods is the founder of the Tiger Woods Foundation, which is a foundation that helps students achieve their dream of a college education. The foundation has raised over $75M dollars since its existence in 1996 and has been a monumental help to children achieving their academic dreams.

Another athlete who is better known for his incredible basketball skills and is less credited for his charitable work is LeBron James. Love him or hate him, James is one of the most charitable athletes in the World and has a huge influence with the “Boys and Girls Clubs of America”.

James’ controversial ‘decision’ in 2010, where he broadcasted to the World that he was “taking his talents to South Beach” may have been a bad play for his fans, however, it was very beneficial for charity. In a one-hour television broadcast alone, James was able to raise just over $2M for the “Boys and Girls Clubs of America”.

Sports fans are very judgemental and media outlets love to portray athletes as multimillionaire scumbag. Unfortunately this will likely never change. However, next time you read about an athlete who makes a mistake, one should try not to be so denouncing immediately and read about the potential positives they are doing off the field.

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