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Brock pride - Photo by Seiha BedardBrock is in a rather transitional phase; as we erect buildings and bolster undergraduate numbers, we gain independence, momentum and arguably, power (as an institution). However, we do stand to lose a few things as well.

I chose to attend Brock at least partially because of the atmosphere here. It could have been the noticeable amount of green space and the layout of the campus which lent itself to an open feel, something appreciated by those like me who suffer the occasional bout of claustrophobia. It also could have been the local community, which prides itself (and rightfully so) with contributing some of the best fresh produce the province offers. But instead, it was the people; or, more cryptically, the lack of people.

Not to sound anti-social, I mean that the relatively small size of the school was what ultimately drew me to it. When undertaking the registration process, my parents and I were impressed with how quickly you could be working with a person instead of an automated service. When visiting the campus, all you need do is merely look somewhat lost, and a handful of strangers would soon offer their assistance – which, given the odd layout of buildings across the campus, is not uncommon.

Furthermore, the programs I worked in over my time here, even at their largest, afforded me time with instructors and professors that larger institutions wouldn’t have necessarily been able to offer.

This personal, invested quality is one that can’t be bought or funded. What’s more, as our school gets bigger and bigger, you’ll see this type of thing start to disappear. That is, if you let it.
As per usual, you’ll most likely hear a lot of talk this year about apathy; how meagre voter turnout is, how we don’t have a football team, how our student population is checked out.
While my spirit does not show itself in attendance at Badger games or O-week concerts (I haven’t the foggiest idea who Tommy Trash is and I don’t care to find out), it manifests in other ways.

I brag about Brock’s campus and how it’s just a brisk walk from one end to the other. I take pride in helping someone navigate the labyrinthine corridors of Mac Chown. I don’t take it for granted when a faculty or community member can spend considerable time helping me with something.

So, this year as you get to know people at Vendor Fair, or paint your face for Homecoming, take a minute to relish in the fact that you’re not one of the apathetic.

I’m proud to be a part of Brock, and you should be too; just find a way to show it.

– Tim Stacey

(Photo by Seija Bedard)

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