Guernsy forgoes fresh food for scarves and hoodies

By Tim Stacey – Editor-in-Chief

New campus satellite storeIn a rapidly expanding community like Brock University’s, space is the most valuable of commodities. Since fresh produce section of the Guernsey Market has not been as successful as hoped, it has been replaced in time for the new school year with a satellite Campus Store.

Stocking Badger and Brock emblazoned hoodies, rugby shirts, yoga pants and more, the new installation hopes to capitalize on the flood of new students and parents that will be on campus during the school year’s start.

While some students may not appreciate the removal of fresh and local produce in favour of capitalistic products, they should know that this decision was made purely on consumer feedback.

“I love the idea of a fresh market here, and I comend them for trying,” said Campus Store Director Dan Lewis. “But at the end of the day, if it’s not what the [students] want, then we need to be adaptable”.

Just over three years ago, Brock University took a little used plot of green space near the centre and campus and turned it into the culinary and social hub of the campus is it today: the Guernsey Market.

Located by the Schmon Tower and Thistle complex, the Guernsey Market has been successful in bringing students, faculty and community members together at the heart of campus for events, fresh food and more.

While it introduces many new culinary features to our campus (Mongolian style Grills and made-from-scratch soup, to name a few), a highlight of the new space was the inclusion of a fresh food section.

“When [we] designed the market […] included in that was a fresh food retail area where those in [residence] could buy supplies for dinner, but that didn’t work out,” said Brock’s Director of Community and Ancillary Service Tom Arkell. “I thought the bookstore could use another location”.

The Campus Bookstore, which is located at the far east end of the Plaza Building, is somewhat off the main path at Brock. This second location in the Guernsey Market should garner much more foot traffic.

Back in the wake of it’s opening, Arkell spoke of the content and products sold at the Market as being a reflection of the local consumer’s desires.

“Ideas from our customers are generating greater selection offerings and we remain set to do our utmost to remain creative,” said Arkell.

According to Arkell and Lewis today, that’s exactly what they had in mind when deciding to implement the Satellite Campus store.

“You won’t find a lot of tired old concepts in this place, it’s going to consistently be new stuff and new ideas,” said Lewis.

That’s what this all comes down to; consumers showed very little demand or interest in the fresh produce being sold, and space being what it is at Brock, it was soon apparent that something else needed to take its place.

“It really shows what we do best, and that’s our colours; that’s our pride” said Arkell.

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