Brock students taking aim at Dining Services

Sodexo has been an exclusive food service provider for over 36 years at Brock University. It provides many students and facilities fast and easily accessible nutritious food. Recently, many students have opposed Dining Services due to the high prices of food.
Due to these high prices, Peter Henen, a second-year student at Brock University, started an online Facebook campaign called “Lower Food Prices at Brock University.”
The Brock Press asked Henen about the reasons why he wanted to start this online campaign.
“The motive is the motif; morality – that is, doing the right thing, even when no one is looking. There is a fine line between trying to make a profit, and financially abusing your clients in this case the students of Brock University,” said Henen. “In life, there are those things which are in their place, and those which are in chaos. As an individual, I am very contentious towards doing the right thing. This is especially true where goals are not only theoretically but also realistically achievable.”
In addition, The Brock Press asked Henen about the perceived outcomes of starting this campaign. “The goal and approach of the campaign has been amended many times to meet social and political criteria,” said Henen. “For example, the initial intentions of this campaign were to lower all food prices at Sodexo-owned food services within Brock University, or omit them from serving the University completely. This was then modified to a relatively simple concept of having only 10 items in market being a reasonable price ($5 or less). These items must meet the Canadian Health and Food regulations on nutrition and proportion.”
The Facebook campaign discusses ways of participating by liking the page, spreading the campaign like a virus and boycotting The Guernsey Market and all Dining Services across campus.
Many students at Brock agree that Dining Services’ food products are over-priced including Heidi Epps, a first-year Film Studies major who lives off-campus.
“The prices are astronomically high compare to the grocery store” Epps said.
However, Brock student Cassandra Kawa disagrees stating, “I feel that the prices are not expensive.”
Kawa, a first-year Child Youth Studies major who lives on campus stated, “I’m on a meal plan, but if I had to pay on my own, yes it is expensive.”
Sarah Hirtle a first-year Physical Geography student who lives on campus suggested that both Brock and Sodexo should come together and compromise a reasonable price and to get the student input on this issue.
The Brock Press contacted Brock Dining Hall Services; however, they declined to comment on this situation. “Lower Food Prices at Brock University” is hoping to get 1500 likes before meeting with Sodexo.
For more information go to and “like” the page at “Lower Food Prices at Brock University” on Facebook.

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