Beliefs in shoegaze

Beliefs, a Toronto based shoegaze band, have a growing body of work and want to share it with people who will listen.

Shoegaze is characterized as alternative rock which made waves in the 90s with bands like My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive and is now resurfacing. Expect to hear low-fi elements of distortion, droning riffs, noisy guitars and subdued vocals.
Their newest self-titled album, released March 5 through Hand Drawn Dracula/Manimal Vinyl/No Pain in Pop, was written over a year and recorded by Jesse Crowe, Josh Korody and a few musician friends. After sitting on the record for awhile, a UK label offered to put it out which lit the spark for the band.

Now together for about two years, Beliefs has a full band line-up led by Jesse and Korody.

Before Beliefs, Korody was recording in St. Catharines out of his parent’s basement and various spaces.

“I had like a quarter life crisis where I was doing what I wanted to do, I was playing in a band and recording other people, but I wasn’t really making a living. It was getting really overwhelming so I got to this point where I quickly needed change. I felt like Toronto might be the next logical step for what I wanted to do. I started recording a lot of people and meeting people, and eventually built this studio with my partner Leon,” Korody said.

Shortly after moving to Toronto, Korody and Crowe met and started what is now Beliefs.

“I realized that you can’t really take things for granted and if things do seem a little bit too comfortable and you don’t feel challenged, you should do things to change that,” Korody said.

“Our name comes from the idea that for me and Jesse, our religion is music and what we are doing has taken over our lives. We’re not a religious band but we are using the name to show that music can be a very spiritual thing for us. It does affect our lives as much as organized religion can affect someone else’s life.”

Some bands that Beliefs have been opening shows for over the last year have been A Place to Bury Strangers, Porcelain Raft, Disappears, Lotus Plaza, Amen Dunes, The Men, Dusted, Moon Duo and Beach Fossils.

Recently getting back from touring the US, including playing SXSW, Beliefs is back in Toronto planning to play shows throughout the GTA while saving up money, writing and recording their new record.

“You can’t have the ultimate expectations on your first run through another country; it’s like a stepping stone.

“Within the first night or two, at least for me, once we got on tour it was like ‘this is what we are doing now, this is your job’. I think everybody should have that change up. After a few years of being too comfortable, you just need to quit your job or meet a new friend or change something about what is going on just to keep things interesting.”

Now that they have a full line-up, they are eager to write and record another record – anticipated to be finished by the end of the summer.

“When I got back I wanted to go back [on tour] again. It was an escape at the same time. You work really hard to do the music and make it work, and you want to show as many people as you can,” said Korody.

Beliefs plan on setting up a tour in the US before August, when their visas run out as well as heading to Europe to tour in the fall.
The band also just finished recording a 7″ split with the band Greys that they are planning to give out for free at NXNE and recently recorded a Duran Duran cover for a compilation.

“One of the members from Duran Duran actually heard it and was a big fan of it, which is exciting,” said Korody.
Beliefs, Rituals and Windfall Foundation are playing April 6 in St. Catharines at The Mansion House (5 William St.) Doors are at 7:00 p.m., tickets are $10 at the door and are available at Rock Universe and Ticketscene (

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