Two Brock students show a passion for fitness

In January 2013, two ambitious Brock University students decided to set up a new gym on Highway 20 in Thorold, just south of Brock University. Codi Armstrong is a current Brock student, and you may have seen him around the Zone where he works as a Personal Trainer. His love of health and fitness led him to be the Co-Owner of Fourth Quarter Fitness (FQF), along with his partner D.J. Warkentin, a Brock graduate with a BSc in Applied Health Science. They decided to open FQF as an alternative to the ‘cookie cutter’ type programs that many conventional gyms have.
“The two of us first met when we worked as personal trainers for the Zone and we instantly fell in love with fitness and the idea of one day opening our own facility,” said Armstrong.
“We offer a different type of facility and service when compared to the traditional fitness facility. Over the years of working at different facilities D.J. and I noticed something missing; affordable individualized programming.”
Armstrong believes that their ability to offer individualized fitness plans is what separates FQF from other gyms. This aspect of their program gives them the advantage to help anyone reach a variety of fitness goals. The gym also offers group fitness classes such as the Bootcamp, Quickfit and Kettlebell Club.
“All of this is included in a month by month membership that is less than the cost of a typical one hour personal training session,” said Armstrong, adding that he believes a major strength of FQF is the quality of equipment they have to offer.
“At FQF, we have lots of space, bumper plates, tires, sleds, ropes, and other unique equipment that are ideal for athletic training and weightlifting. Another strength of ours is the type of cardiovascular training we offer. Our gym is not outfitted with the standard cardio section of a typical gym, but rather we use our bodies and equipment (like kettlebells) incorporated into circuits to train our cardiovascular system.”
The two young entrepreneurs and fitness gurus give credit to their time at Brock for giving them the skills to succeed.
“The Sport Management program along with a minor in Economics gave me the essential business knowledge to start up the venture. D.J. has his degree in Health Science and is currently enrolled in the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy. Between the two of us we have a lot of knowledge and experience in training that we feel started at Brock.”
Their new gym is located at the Turners Corners intersection just south of Thorold and a quick five minute drive from Brock. For those who do not have access to a vehicle, Welland transit offers a route (Brock Link) that leaves every hour from Brock and will pick up and drop off students at the Turners Corners intersection. From there, it is just a short walk to the front door.
For more information or to sign up for a membership, visit 

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