The first annual Luebke Cup

Over reading week, the Brock Debate Society hosted a province wide debate tournament. The tournament, called The First Annual Luebke Cup, was named after the club founder Kyle Luebke.
Though the club is still one of the youngest in the province, the group was able to pull together and make a very successful, exciting tournament.
The competition skill level ranged from novice first-tiomers to highly experienced champions. The current club president, Aaron Shorten, with the help of many of the club members, organized the two day competition for the last weekend of reading week, and was able to pull off a great tournament.
The tournament was set in the British Parliamentary format and hosted sixteen teams from eight different schools. The represented schools included Queens, McMaster, Guelph, Laurier, Waterloo, The Royal Military College of Canada, University of Toronto Hart House, and University of Ontario Institute of Technology. Though the Brock Debate Society members were not able to debate in their tournament, as per regulation, they participated as judges, hosts and accommodated all thirty two debaters and twelve judges.
The British Parliamentary format has four teams of two people facing off against each other, with two teams taking the Government side and two teams taking the Opposition side. The debates can take on very serious topics, or more lighthearted topics, depending on the mood of the tournament. This year, Brock’s tournament hosted motions ranging from serious moral and legal issues, to some lighthearted philosophical “what ifs”. With the help of Brock’s own Nigel Cones and Aaron Shorten, and CUSID staff Bradley Wilkinson, Emily Russel and Moseph Niaz, the team was able to put together a wide variety of motions based on some very pressing current issues. The tournament started off strong with a round on parental licensing, followed by a round on immigration strategy.
The day ended strong with two final rounds, the first motion being an abolition of trial by jury, and a final round on Israel’s involvement in the Arab Spring.
The second day began with a lighter discussion on social change. The semi-final round proposed that eco-terrorism, in general, was morally justified. The championship round housed a much lighter, but still interesting motion, stating “this house, if having sole possession of and given incontrovertible proof of Lance Armstrong’s doping, would move to permanently destroy this evidence.”
The championship round featured the top debaters from McMaster, Waterloo, the University of Toronto Hart House, and Queens – with the Queen’s team Vizual Magician (Emilia McLeod and Tavish Logan) taking a unanimously voted victory.
Though the Brock Debate Society is a small but rapidly growing group, they were able to put forth a highly respected tournament. Alex Henderson, a Hart House debater, told the Brock team, “you all did an excellent job and clearly went above and beyond”.
The Brock Debate society hopes to live up to this standard every year, making The Luebke Cup an annual event to help Brock’s reputation both within the province and internationally.
The president of the club, Aaron Shorten, was extremely happy about the success of the team.
“It was great to see debaters from all over Ontario. Everyone had a great time and many new debaters gained a lot of valuable experience. It was great to show everyone what Brock was capable of doing. I have high hopes for the future of this club and its role in future debate tournaments,” said Shorten.
The Brock Debate Society meets in Thistle Hallway room 318 on Tuesday and Wednesday from 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. The Brock Debate Society encourages students to develop their speaking and critical reasoning skills under the formal guidance of different debate styles. The Brock Debate Society is open to students of all disciplines, and requires no experience beforehand. Newcomers are welcome at all times during the year, and are free to sit in and watch debates or, if they’re feeling especially brave, participate from their first day onward.

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