Student filmmakers unite: Short Shorts 2013

The BGFP is a student run organization here at Brock which attempts to mirror the efforts of a film studio or production company. They started off as a few students with a strong passion for film and needed to balance the theory learned in the classroom with something practical. Those same students are now a huge part of many productions in St. Catharines.
The Brock Film Group Productions (BFGP) is all about establishing collaboration between students, the school as well as the local community. A lot of people think that just because they don’t know how to use or have access to a camera that they are not meant for or belong in the film industry. The BFGP feels as though that thought is absurd.
Writers, actors and directors are some of the more well-known film duties within the group but other responsibilities such as wardrobe, make-up, special effects, location scouting, casting, producing and gripping are all jobs that are not as well know and that is still just the tip of the iceberg. These positions can be filled by individuals who don’t necessarily have a desire for film. Basically what this means is that if you have an interest and want to be involved in film production, the options here at Brock are quite limitless.
Since ratifying as a group within BUSU, the BFGP has produced several short films, commercials, PSA’s, a comedy pilot and a feature length film. They have also began to flourish within the community, gaining recognition from several other media bodies within St. Catharines who have assisted them at some time on their journey. Their goal has been, and always will be, to create films while encouraging and inspiring others. Last year they held their very first film festival titled “Short Shorts” at the Empire Theatre and had an excellent turnout of student films, sponsors, judges and audience members. This year, they’re looking to seek an equal if not larger turnout. With almost $3000 worth of juried prizes and over $1000 worth of audience giveaways there is lots of reason to check out this event and find out how you can become involved.
“The Short Shorts Film Festival is an opportunity for student filmmakers to showcase and compete through a five minute film or 30 second trailer. It is also meant to act as a networking event for filmmakers to meet and greet with each other and what filmmaker doesn’t want to see their work on the same screen where Hollywood blockbusters reside,” said Patrick Gagliardi – Vice President of the Brock Film Group Productions.
They hope that all student filmmakers create and submit either a film or trailer and become part of the new movie infrastructure that is growing every year. If the event itself is not enough networking, they will all be heading over to The London Arms after to celebrate and welcome others to join.
Submissions are due Monday March 25th and the actual event will be Thursday April 4th at the Empire Theatre Pen Centre from 7-9. There is a five dollar submission fee as well as a five dollar entrance fee.
Check out our website for info on the film fest as well as opportunities and other events that are film related at 

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