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A couple weeks ago on the way to school, I overheard a conversation that two girls were having about their horoscopes. While the one girl was rather optimistic, claiming that her horoscope predicted an exciting and inspiring turn of events in her life, the other criticized the notion of horoscopes all together. This led me to ask myself how I feel about horoscopes, which is when I realized that I never even read mine – enough said.
However, for the sake of this article I did read mine. Though I was overwhelmed by the hundreds of online sources I came across (all very different, of course), the following horoscope was my favourite:
Pisces: You are in search of something. The good news is that it’s just hidden, not missing entirely. So keep looking until you find it again!
Just like that I remembered why I don’t read these things; they are vague, they are seemingly made up on a whim and they can potentially apply to anything. For instance, on most days I am in search of my mind since I feel like I lose it so often, but I need not fear (says some random and unknown source), because it’s not gone forever – it’s just hiding!
Where do horoscopes even come from? I mean, technically anyone can make them up and then they are out there circulating in the World and people can either believe them or not. Here at The Brock Press, we often run what we call, “Horror-scopes”, which are really just depressing and insulting predictions intended to ruin one’s week for humour’s sake. But that’s my point – they are for entertainment value and they serve no legitimate purpose.
Historically, the zodiac is a circle of twelve equal divisions of longitude based around the ecliptic, which is the path that the sun is expected to travel over the course of a given year. These 12 divisions are called signs – more commonly known by their Latin names of Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.
Our modern society has taken these 12 signs and formed horoscopes, which are believed to tell us something about our personalities. This is why there are those who enjoy reading them and those who enjoy reading them but will never admit to it.
As I mentioned in the beginning of this article, when I looked up my horoscope, I was overwhelmed by the number of Web sites to choose from, which isn’t even taking into consideration the print sources, which can be found in just about every newspaper or magazine you pick up.
According to an article I found online, the best and most popular horoscope sources are,,,,, and, all offering in-depth readings for each sign. Everything from daily horoscopes to weekly, monthly and entire year overviews exists out there. Oddly enough, there are even such things as horoscope compatibility charts – and yes, some people do trust them.
“I actually don’t date a guy if we’re not compatible signs. I’m a Libra and I have sworn off any guys who are a Cancer. In my past experiences, two ex’s of mine have been Cancer and the more I think about it, their personalities are very similar. I’ve learned that we do not mesh well,” said second-year Con-Ed student, Alyssia Consigli.
“I definitely think sign-compatibility is something that should be acknowledged, but I don’t think it’s worth breaking up with someone over. It’s just funny to see how accurately your partner’s so-called negative traits are depicted. My boyfriend is stubborn and irrational at times, just as his sign labels him, but I wouldn’t go ending things with him because the stars don’t exactly align for us,” said third-year Business student, Samantha Trembley.
Though many horoscopes out there may be vague and leave you rolling your eyes at their emptiness, it is interesting to explore the personality traits applied to each and every sign.
For instance, if you are an Aries, you are said to be more aggressive, not all that social, a tad gullible, but you are daring. Taurus signs are known for their strength, stability and stubborn nature. Geminis are labelled as witty and happy-go-lucky but often have a hard time focusing on goals. Cancerians are sensitive and protective, which is due to how insecure they can be at times. Leos are natural-born leaders yet are also very hard on themselves. Virgos are introverts, shy and quiet yet rational thinkers. Librans are go-getters and strive for personal greatness, while Scorpios are courageous and possessive. Sagittarius signs are fearless, which often makes them overly-confident. Capricorns possess commonsense and are hard-workers but tend to be pessimists. Aquarians are insightful yet inconsistent and scatter-brained. Lastly, Pisceans are caring and imaginative, yet not all that practical in their thinking.
“I am a Scorpio and I am completely possessive when it comes to numerous things. Also, Scorpios are known to be the wrong breed to double-cross, which is pretty funny,” said first-year Popular Culture student, Rachel Wilcox.
“I only ever read my horoscope once and that was enough for me. I’m a Sagittarius and I remember it said that we do a good job of getting ourselves in trouble because we think we’re unstoppable or something. With my track record, I would have to agree,” said second-year Sports Management student, Adam Hertz.
“Leos are supposed to be very bold and always in the spotlight, but I’m more of a Virgo seeing as how I’m shy. Other than that though, there are a bunch of other personality traits that I can relate to with my sign, so it’s not entirely unfitting” said third-year English student, Lindsay Martin.
Though we may not be able to justify everything our sign says about us, there will always be those traits we just can’t argue. The horoscopes that take said personality traits into consideration are the ones that seem most legitimate, but I still can’t seem to justify the whole, “you will find love on the 24th” or “orange is not your color, Virgo” ones. Believe what you will!

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