Everyone deserves a Right to Play

As students living in a first-world nation it is very easy to take things for granted, especially sports. Sports are something that is so accessible for kids living in Canada, so imagine how different your childhood would have been without sports. The Right to Play club at Brock University is trying to bring awareness to this situation, one soccer ball at a time.
During the week of March 18-22, Right to Play had a table set up in the Thistle hallway to spread the message of the organization and the club specifically at Brock. The table was used to help fundraise and a raffle was setup for students to win some great prizes such as Leafs tickets, IceDogs tickets, Blue Jay’s gear and many gift certificates.
The raffle was a way to draw peoples attention towards the table, but the main goal of the week was to promote and bring as much awareness to the Right to Play club as possible.
The Right to Play club has three main purposes that are very important to better understand the organization. The first purpose is “to educate the Brock Student Body and Niagara Region residents about sport for development, and to create an awareness of Right To Play’s international programs”.
The second purpose is “to raise funds for the Toronto-based parent organization” and the third is to “educate Brock Students and Niagara Region residents about Right To Play volunteer opportunities across the globe.”
These purposes are crucial towards the success of the program and President of the Right to Play club Chris Verlaan described exactly what they are trying to accomplish with this student organization.
“It’s just taking something as simple as a red ball and putting that into a group of kids where they have only played soccer with a long sleeve shirt tied in a knot as a ball before,” said Verlaan. “Just using that and teaching them about health issues, safety issues and how to be a more well-rounded person, extending this to all different areas of life, just by something as simple as sport and play.”
The Right to Play club was out of commission for first semester, but it is back this semester thanks to the passion of many different students. Jesse Geense spearheaded the initial work in getting everything together so the club could be ratified. Verlaan was also an important reason to the return of the club and shared his thoughts on how important it is promoting the club this semester in order to build the club for next year.
“This semester we are looking to build the awareness so that next year we can start off strong right off the bat,” said Verlaan. “So next year we are hoping to start some more events and get the name out there,” added Verlaan.
As the club is expanding every few weeks, there are already 15-20 members involved. Also, with the membership being predominately sport management students, another important goal for the club is to expand membership throughout all different faculties across campus.
Sport and play does so much more than promote fitness; it can inspire children and bring communities together. It teaches life lessons that can only be taught through games and as a result it is so important to life. With this being said, the Right to Play club is a great charitable organization and as Verlaan put it: it’s just “awesome.”
For more information about the Right to Play club at Brock University, contact brockrighttoplay@hotmail.com, or visit www.righttoplay.com. 

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