Winter Downtown D’lish – aiding local eateries

The St. Catharines downtown may as well be a World’s food court. From Thai to Arabic, Korean to Japanese and Irish pub grub to Mexican, there’s something for everyone.
Despite the variety offered on and off of St. Paul Street, it can be difficult and even intimidating to try new foods. If you have ever had trouble breaking into a new culinary scene downtown, then you are in luck. From Jan. 18 to Feb. 2, the St. Catharines Downtown Association is hosting their Winter Downtown D’lish.
The event, which ran last summer as well, offers St. Catharines foodies (or those aspiring to be) the chance to enjoy fixed-price 3-course meals from 19 downtown restaurants.
Shawn Doney, an Events Coordinator for the St. Catharines Downtown Association, explained that one of the main objectives of the event is to give new opportunities to St. Catharines restaurant-goers, as well as introduce new potential customers to those establishments.
“There are so many different opportunities to try new foods at fixed prices, even at restaurants that have participated in the past,” said Doney.
Avid-eaters in the area may remember that last summer’s Downtown D’lish wasn’t quite as large of an event.
“A lot of the selections are completely different from last time,” said Doney. “We have also expanded the length to include three weekends this year, instead of just two weeks.”
The current roster of restaurants includes downtown classics like the Rise Above Bakery and The Office Tap & Grill, as well as new additions to the line-up, like Wind Japanese Thai, Patrick Sheehan’s Irish Pub and Gord’s Place. At a total of 19 restaurants, it would be hard to find someone too picky to eat.
Aside from offering customers like you an affordable dining experience, Winter Downtown D’lish helps to stimulate the local economy at one of it’s lowest points.
“We planned the event for January because it’s generally when sales dip at restaurants, just after the holiday season,” said Doney.
So, if you are a ramen-fed student looking for a little variety, or a St. Catharines resident looking for something new, you cannot go wrong with Winter Downtown D’lish; the restaurants are close by, you are helping local businesses thrive and you get to eat at a good price. What do you have to lose?
Three course lunches start at $10, and three course dinners range from $15 – $35. Take note: reservations are required, so call ahead.
A directory of the restaurants and contact info can be found at

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