Test your career skills and aptitude on campus

Brock students considering a future career path in business or finance will have the chance to test their skills and aptitude later this month. The University will host the Bloomberg Assessment Test on Jan. 26, from 9:00 a.m to 1:00 p.m. The assessment will provide students in all majors with the opportunity to connect with firms that offer full-time internship opportunities, in an attempt to build new relationships with individuals in the working world.
The test is free to all undergraduate and graduate students and individuals are encouraged to come out and test their unique skills and knowledge for a chance to potentially pursue a career in business.
The Bloomberg Assessment Test (BAT) is a free three-hour multiple-choice exam designed to assess aptitude for business and finance, including general career aptitude. Every BAT test taker will be anonymously submitted into the Bloomberg Talent Search Database. Available to more than 20,000 top firms, the Talent Search allows employers to contact any individual who took the test for an internship or possibly an entry-level or graduate-level position.
As far as test preparation, there are no official study materials for the BAT, but their official Web site offers some sample questions for individuals looking to gain a better understanding of the kinds of problems they will encounter during the assessment. Individuals are also given the option to take the BAT repeatedly; however, they may only do so once per calendar month.
Bloomberg has been noted as the World’s most trusted source of information for businesses and professionals. Bloomberg combines innovative technology with unmatched analytic, data, news, display and distribution capabilities in an attempt to deliver critical information through the Bloomberg Professional service and multimedia platforms. Bloomberg’s media services cover the World with more than 2,200 news and multimedia professionals in 72 countries.
Bloomberg Institute will become the World’s leading financial education, recruitment and training business. Bloomberg Institute’s products span the lifecycle of a customer’s financial career. From educating students in their first finance job, to helping the seasoned executive learn a new product or asset class, Bloomberg Institute will be an instrumental partner in our customers’ careers. Bloomberg Institute is the education extension of Bloomberg LP, and carries on the company’s renowned tradition of providing the World’s most sophisticated and demanding customers with the information and tools they need for their career and financial success.
The Bloomberg Institute has a relationship with more than 20,000 companies Worldwide that vigorously make use of the test score data to fill internship positions. The goal of the assessment is to match individual student strengths with specific employer needs; therefore students do not need to be fully knowledgeable in all 11 sections of the test. The test covers economics, analytical reasoning, math, investment management and verbal skills.
All test scores are entered in the Bloomberg Institute’s Talent Search, which employers use to scout prospective interns. Results remain anonymous and test takers maintain control over which employers see their scores.

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