JDCC business competition is about to begin

The annual Jeux du Commerce business competition is underway, and Brock business students are gearing up to take on rival Universities in challenges of everything business.
Now in its fourth year, Jeux du Commerce Central (JDCC) has moved to Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The 2013 competition takes place from Jan. 18-20 and will host over 500 students from 13 schools continuing the legacy of academic integrity and competitive excellence.
Matt Grootjen, Brock University’s team Captain, said that JDC is a unique and once-in-a-lifetime experience for business students.
“It’s a competition that encompasses not only the academics, but sports, social and debates. It is the most well-rounded competition in Canada for business students.”
It is also, “one of the best team environments I’ve ever experienced,” said Brock team member, Justin Falco.
Grootjen said that they send 47 delegates. The delegates do not compete in all of the facets of the competition, so they have a team that is sent for accounting, a team for finance and sports as well as debate and social teams.
“JDCC has given us the opportunity to apply what we learn in our classes at Goodman to practical business situations while pushing us to be creative and break free from conventional solutions,” said Brock team member, Aanchal Narula.
There are eight academic portions in total, and then there are sports, debate and social.
“Basically, the competition starts in September with the social aspect and we compete on charity initiatives and being involved in the community,” said Grootjen. “Some of the things that my team has been involved in since the start of September is we have been volunteering for Big Brothers Big Sisters in the Niagara Region, Autism Ontario, Community Care, War Child, we’ve gone to different Salvation Army’s in the area to help out there, also the Canadian Tire Jumpstart foundation and the Arthritis Society.”
Grootjen said that, as a team, they have accomplished about 800 hours of volunteering. On top of that, they have run two events; one was to raise money for Big Brothers Big Sisters Niagara in St. Catharines/Thorold called Grooming for Charity, which was an evening event at Kahunaville. All of the cover charge went towards Big Brothers Big Sisters, also 10 per cent of all the food that was purchased that night went to that charity as well.
“We also had a draw for two trips down south with all the proceeds going [towards the charity] and we raised about $1,000 that night. We also ran a separate event called the Powderpuff Football Tournament, which is a ladies’ touch football tournament, and we raised about $1,000 for that. All the money raised from that went towards the Breast Cancer Society [of Canada]. So, that’s just one facet of the competition,” said Grootjen.
Along with the incredible contributions inherent to the competition, Brock Team Member, Michael Mastroianni, said that JDCC has, “given us the opportunity to not only test our academic skills, but also allow us to make life-long friends.”
Grootjen stated that all of the academics practice and analyze a case once a week. They also do mock competitions throughout the semester to prepare them for the weekend when they go to the competition.
“JDCC is the epitome of a new age of business professionals,” said Brock Team Member, Dave Birch.
For more information on JDCC, visit jdccentral.ca 

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