Unclassifieds – November 27, 2012

How do you submit an unclassified?
There are three ways to send in your unclassy! You can 1) tweet it to @UnclassBP, 2) post it on our Facebook page wall, or 3) for anonymous contributions, you can e-mail unclass@brockpress.com. Veteran readers take note: we no longer receive unclassified through cell texts, just the options above. Anything is welcome, so get yours in!
Remember: the Unclassifieds are entirely anonymous submitted content and do not represent the view(s) of the Brock Press or its staff. None of this content is being printed as inherently factual or “news”.
Also, due to the nature of Twitter, any tweeted unclassifieds will include your Twitter username (because if people really wanted to know who tweeted it, they could just look up the @UnclassBP twitter account. Make sense?)If you would like to remain anonymous or give a dfferent signature, email unclass@brockpress.com.
That’s all, email unclass@brockpress.com if you have any questions!

“Trying to catch the bus after 8- lol start walking!”
“HUNGRY? THIRSTY? The SJC is giving away FREE YUMMY VEGAN HOT CHOCOLATE & COOKIES on Nov. 27 11-1 at our table in Mack Chown A Block!”

Seeking Health and Wealth
Seeking part-time and full-time business partners who are passionate and enthusiastic about helping others reach their health goals. Earn financial and time freedom,while gaining optimal health. Those who come on board are subject to win a FREE iPAD. Applicants must be over the age of 18. Apply to angela.theuerle@gmail.com
What’s your other side?
Brock Press Unclassified Two-Face Photo Contest:
1- Draw on a piece of paper and hold it so it covers half of your face
2- Use face-paint and actually make yourself into a Two-Face
3- Digitally alter a photo so that it’s Two-Face
4- Be more creative than me and think of another way to do it
The best submissions will be put right here in the Unclassifieds
-And the worst will have to flip a coin…

To the beautiful boy in SPMA,
We met last year, I don’t think you remember but I certainly do
I am hopelessly in love with you
If only you knew.

I’m too scared to say hi
Everyday I watch you walk by
If you don’t notice me, I might die

So please give us a chance.
We could have a beautiful romance.


Dear Brock Students,
YOU ROCK! The Student Justice Centre and Muslim Students Association collected THREE TABLES of donated/swapped clothes for the Muslim Welfare Centre of Toronto, a registered charity which works in the Toronto community providing support programs for oppressed populations. For those who missed the table, you can drop off a bag of clothes in the Student Leadership and Innovation Commons (SLIC) in MCA 204 under the stairs.
For more information about the charity, go to:http://www.muslimwelfarecentre.com
You prove that the Brock Student Community is socially conscious and engaged!
- The SJC and the MSA

Fed Up!
Want some free delicious food? Drop by the 1st floor of the Student Alumni Centre every Tuesday and Thursday from 12-2 pm and hang out with the folks at Fed Up!

Roly Poly Records & Retro
Booths 9, 10, 70, 71 in the main room of the St. Catharines Factory Outlet Flea Market
We have new & used records, CDs, DVDs, turntables, amps, speakers,vintage rock t-shirts (2 for $20), Dr. Martens, western boots, work boots, leather & jean jackets, retro furniture and antiques, vintage home decor items, jewelry
Lots of great Xmas gift ideas!
I can get new in package needles for most makes. Prices range from $22-$38. Please email. I also have record brushes, anti-static mats and bottled record cleaner.
Every Sunday 9-4:30
Mention this unclassified ad and receive a discount!


Holy hell, Scalzo; you are one hilarious son of a bitch.

Thanks for never seizing to make me laugh, roomie/ sista.

Where did you go???
Does anyone remember that Packers fan guy would write ridiculously long unclassifieds after every Packers game in all caps? As a fellow Packers fan I miss reading those every week… I check every issue to see if the Packers fan has returned, but alas, he is nowhere to be found. You’ve made this Packers fan a sad panda.
-Sincerely, Another Packers fan

I brought a blanket to the office today. Student alumni building, why are you so cold?!

Free food…
I love free vegan food
- To all my vegan homies out there

Too lazy
The other day I waiting for the elevator to get to the fifth floor of the Student Alumni centre (the bathroom up there is prime poop territory). Two female Brock students joined me in waiting, I assumed to take the elevator to a significantly higher floor. Instead, hey got in and pressed for floor 3, just one above the one we began on. Is this real life?!? They could have easily taken the stairs in the time we waited for the elevator, let alone the duration of the trip. Needless to say, I was frusatred and dissapointed, but then one of them mentioend to the other that she was “SO tired”. Upon hearing this, I calmed down, because that obviously explained their sloth and made it okay.
-Just kidding, you suck.

To the dozen new Zetes. Proud to call you brothers.
-Your bros at the BP

For real though…
Did you read that one about the girls taking the elevator one floor up? WTF?!?! Its like those people who take the bus from Schmon Tower to the Day Care, real scum of the earth types, you know?
- You’re the worst and I hate you

The Brock Press is conducting an online survey in order to seek out student feedback in a variety of areas (circulation, content, aesthetics, advertising).
It’s quick and easy to fill out online at tinyurl.com/brockpresssurvey and helps YOUR STUDENT NEWSPAPER serve YOU better.

If you have issues with our issues, or additions to our editions, now’s the time to let us know! Contact william_crothers@hotmail.com for any questions/concerns/problems with the survey
-Will Crothers and James McAthey

Union Station Subway (if it were a club)
Lines out the door! Sandwich artists are straight up murdering it right now! Cold cutting it with that sweet onion sauce! Union Station/Isaac’s booths are SOLD OUT!!! Great ratio goin on with the thin-sliced meat up in this biz-nitch. Stacking bread and chips to the ceiling on these mugs. VIP Line by-pass coming soon!
-Not Union Station Subway 

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