Subway progress report

There is certainly no shortage of talk about the newest addition to Union Station, a popular attraction to say the least. Subway first opened on November 2. 2012, this year, and has since maintained a continual buzz of people flocking across campus to grab a meal between classes. There has been no advertising or promotions for the opening of the restaurant, but word of mouth has rapidly spread across campus. Talk of opening a Subway has been in the works for quite some time now, initially beginning last winter. Luke Spears, who is Vice-President of Finance and Administration, was responsible for organizing this business decision as it was part of his election platform, as well as in previous administration platforms before him.
The past few months have been chaotic and the commotion has yet to slow down. Scott Hutchison, Food Services Manager, explained that they are going through a transitional phase of learning on the fly, as the number of sales are sky rocketing to a much higher degree than expected. He noted that the traffic which passes through in one day is triple that of traditional Subway restaurants.
Since its opening a few years ago, Harvey’s has carried the weight in Union Station, as the majority of the students’ favorite pick, but in the first week Subway was immediately outselling all other outlets. Hutchison explained that it is only the restaurants third week so it is going to take some time before things begin to slow down and move in a more orderly fashion. It seems to be fitting in very well in its location, though some sales have dropped in other outlets.
Hutchison notes this to be okay because the new restaurant has created a lot of foot traffic, allowing for the other outlets to step in for those students who do not wish to wait for a sub. The Subway team is continually working their hardest to progress through the never-ending extensive lines to meet the needs of all their customers, though minor issues are bound to arise from time to time.
Hutchison said that it is not uncommon to run out of lettuce or a certain kind of bread because they are still working through the kinks with each new day. It had originally been planned to serve breakfast, though this has not been possible yet. Hutchison explained that next semester there will be a grand opening featuring promotions and they will begin to offer breakfast items.
At first not everyone was originally on board to choose Subway over other dining options, simply because it is a franchise restaurant and with that comes all of their corporate rules and regulations which must be adapted by the Students Union. Yet, the selection to go with Subway has remained a remarkable choice.
“At the end of the day it was a good business decision and that is really what governed our decision,” said Hutchison.
The opening of Subway has resulted in the availability of 30 new jobs which are offered internally to students. Hutchison explained that he ran an ad on the BUSU webpage and on the Brock page, and all candidates that had been selected are students here at the University, most having previous experience working at a Subway.
Internal jobs are accommodating with students’ schedules because the hours are crafted by other students who are in tune with what is going on through the year. Union Station has currently employed 120 students and this number will continue to grow, being of great assistance to students in need of an income throughout the school year.
Be sure to keep your eyes and ears open for Subway’s grand opening and marketing campaign in the New Year. 

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