Disney acquires Lucasfilm

Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck… Luke Skywalker?
Last week, Lucasfilm sold its rights to Disney. The big news of Disney’s $4.05 billion acquisition led to even bigger news as Disney announced that a sequel trilogy to the Star Wars series is now in the works with an expected release in 2015.
George Lucas said that retirement has been on his mind for some time now, and that he is more than happy with his successor.
“I wanted to get into another stage of life where I’m not in the film business anymore, and I don’t have to run a corporation,” said Lucas in an interview with IGN.
“And, it occurred to me one day that the perfect person to take over the company was Kathy [Kennedy]. It was just such a perfect fit, and I felt that I really wanted to put the company somewhere in a larger entity which would protect it.”
Lucas said that Disney is a huge corporation, they have all kinds of capabilities and facilities and there is a lot of strength that is gained by this.
“The great thing about Disney is between the parks and all of the great things that they’ve got going; it’s great that we have a chance to expand that. There are lots of opportunities with Disney that we wouldn’t have at any other studio.”
Kennedy, Co-Chair of Lucasfilm, said that the potential of Disney merging with Lucasfilm is unprecedented.
“There’s huge opportunity given the tremendous success that Disney’s had with Marvel and with Pixar and now adding Lucasfilm to that, I think we couldn’t be at a better home,” said Kennedy in an interview with IGN.
“Disney defines family entertainment. And, in many ways, it’s the best company possible to take Star Wars into the future.”
Lucas said that when he made the first Star Wars installment back in the 1970s, everybody in Hollywood said it was a movie Disney should have made.
“I always thought I wasn’t going to do any more, and that’s true, I’m not going to do any more. But, that doesn’t mean that I’m unwilling to turn it over to Kathy to do more,” said Lucas.
“I have story treatments for seven, eight and nine; and obviously we have hundreds of books and comics and everything you can possibly imagine, so I will move that sort of treasure trove of stories over to Kathy with complete confidence that she’s going to take them and make great movies.”
Kennedy confirmed that new Star Wars episodes will be made with the first to be released in 2015.
“We are absolutely going to make Star Wars movies, and we’re in the midst of the really fun part of the process which is we’re sitting down with a couple of writers and we’re starting to discuss ideas, and we’re starting to discuss what those stories might be,” said Kennedy. “I wanted to make sure that I wouldn’t be entirely on my own because it’s important that [Lucas] continue to be a little guardian angel on my shoulder helping me.”

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