Brock alumnus officially launches new website

Brock is producing some truly creative and ambitious graduates.
Ryan Klamot, 24, is a proud alumnus who graduated in 2011 with a degree in Political Science and Business and officially launched on Nov. 26. is a citizen-driven, grassroots political tool that serves four core purposes. It is Canada’s first politics-based social network providing a uniquely structured central platform for discussion, debate and interaction between users across Canada. It’s purpose is to hold elected officials responsible for both the good and bad things they do while in office. It is also to function as a feedback and measurement tool to gauge the general public’s opinions on government services/programs, policies and attitudes toward politicians on all three levels of government. Since many Canadians have become disenchanted by the typical political practices due to politicians neglecting to properly represent their interests, this new social network engages the public in a new way which aims to rekindle an interest in Canadian politics.
The idea for a business venture such as this came to Klamot while studying at Brock.
“When I was here, I was involved in various aspects of student life. I sat as a BUSAC councillor and senator for a number of years. I’ve always been passionate about being involved in advocacy issues in representing the students,” said Klamot.
Upon graduating, Klamot hit the ground running and got to work right away.
“Basically, I’ve been in business ever since I left Brock, and I started my own company,” said Klamot.
Klamot said he started off doing accounting and marketing, but said he has always been passionate about Web development.
“We came up with the design back in July [2012] that looked to be promising, so I went out and hired a developer out in Toronto who is now my partner on the project.”
Klamot said that he and his business partner came up with the idea for one warm night over several drinks.
“It just seemed so good that I ran with it over the next several months and partnered with a very innovative and cutting edge firm on Bay Street to make my vision a reality,” said Klamot.
“I’ve always been passionate about Web development and the direction social media is heading in, so I started Klamot Global as a Worldwide creator, developer and sales intermediary of high-end specialized websites.”
Klamot said that as an alumnus he still likes to keep in touch with Brock and visit whenever he can.
“It’s a great school, and I miss it very much. I encourage students going there now to make every second count because University is a short but fun time that never lasts,” said Klamot. “I also advise students to always pursue [their] dreams. Sometimes pursuing your dreams involves an element of risk, so don’t be afraid to take risks wherever necessary if you know in your heart they are worth it in the end.”
Klamot said that his company, Klamot Global, is currently in the conception and planning stages of a few new projects in which he hopes is going to be finalized in spring 2013.
“This is a process which involves a great deal of external feedback, so I encourage any Brock students who may have ideas or comments to contact me at I always love to hear from Brock students and love to hear innovative new ideas.”
Now that the website is officially launched, check it out at

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