Men’s Hockey launches new tradition

With enough newspapers, one can organize a pretty elaborate joke on opposing teams. For student marketer Grant Laschowski, it is also a part of the job.
Laschowski, a Business Administration student, sought out to propose the creation of the position of Student General Manager for the Men’s Varsity Hockey program as a means to combine his passion for sports and improving school spirit while adding real life experience to his educational background in marketing.
The Student General Manager reports to Brock’s Head Coach Murray Nystrom and is responsible for the performance of the team’s student staff. This includes positions responsible for Ticket Sales, Event Coordination, Media and Communications and Game Day Management.
Laschowski approached the Brock Press with an initiative for a popular collegiate tradition in which fans all hold up newspapers to noticeably ignore the visiting team’s starting lineups. The Seymour Hannah Centre is now a site for The Brock Press’ external distribution in the hopes that the tradition holds.
Other common fan traditions include not sitting until the home team scores (i.e. Oklahoma City Thunder) or not sitting at all (i.e. just about every major NCAA sports school student section). They can be song-based, such as the Seven Nation Army chant (i.e. Michigan Wolverines), physical such as “The Chomp” (i.e. Florida Gators)or the bull horns (i.e. Texas Longhorns), or a combination like “The Chop” (i.e. Florida State Seminoles and Atlanta Braves).
I have personally seen some of these types of traditions in action at a Maryland – Florida State basketball game. Not only does it add to the spectator experience but also engrains itself into a school’s identity. It creates an upward spiral as fans have a better time at the game, are more likely to attend, leading to better crowds and even more fun and excitement, not to mention that it gives our Badgers a bigger home ice/field/court/etc. advantage. Maryland uses the same tactic as that proposed for the Brock Men’s Hockey team with free newspapers, and students still singing a version of Gary Glitter’s “Rock and Roll Part Two” (if you look it up you will immediately recognize the song), suitably named “Hey, You Suck!” despite the school deciding to discontinue the playing of the original version.
“Starting little things like this, the tradition and the marketing of the team, all these little things will start to make a big difference. Our first [hockey] game we had 1,400 fans, there’s obviously a lot of people on board,” said Laschowski. “Everyone worked as a big group in the marketing and promoting and we saw a good payout at a pretty successful event.”
Here is hoping more of these traditions make it into our sports watching habits.

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