Don’t let the door hit you on the way out

Last week Dalton McGuinty resigned as the Premier of Ontario. While this announcement surprised many, his decision to prorogue legislature has left many more shocked and upset.
During his time in office, McGuinty was very successful: two back-to-back majority governments during which he made investments into education and health care and supported the struggling auto industry and different environmental initiatives. Perhaps he should have stopped there because now his legacy will unfortunately be his list of failures, including turning Ontario from a “Have” to a “Have Not” province, increasing our provincial debt and wasting billions of taxpayer money on unsuccessful ventures.
Our province is in the middle of facing many issues and this pause in legislature is only going to hurt. This is not the time to take a break. It has been said that his decision to prorogue legislature may be in part so that the provincial Liberal party can elect a new party leader. Then perhaps you should have told some of your buddies in the Liberal party that you were leaving so they could have started picking a new leader, instead of the mad dash that is sure to happen.
Also, it should be noted that when legislature is prorogued it is supposed to be accompanied by a start date, which hasn’t been provided. So not only did he leave us waiting, he’s left us waiting for an indefinite period of time until the Liberals have a leadership convention. Under the Liberal constitution, the party has six months to hold a leadership convention, although it’s been said the party will likely not wait more than three to four months. Three to four months? We are not waiting that long for the Liberals to pick a new leader while we sit in the mess they made. Someone should have told McGuinty, the Captain is supposed to go down with the ship, not break a hole in the hull, grab the nearest lifeboat and run.
Some have suggested that McGuinty’s departure isn’t too much of a surprise and that after eight years of a majority government he found a minority to be taxing. However, this is hardly reason enough to resign.
No, it is much more likely that after failing to create his majority government, losing a by-election in Kitchener-Waterloo, and his scandals with Ornge air ambulance and the cancelled gas plants, McGuinty has realized his political career is over and has tried to hurry out of the door before these scandals can be closely looked at. Unfortunately for him, his departure has only strengthened the resolve of many Ontarians, including MPPs, to get the full details of the cancelled gas plants.
There has also been speculation as to whether McGuinty will put his foot in the race for federal Liberal leadership. I personally doubt it, especially after citing a desire to bring new blood to the party leadership on his way out. In addition, with his promise to stay on as Premier until a new leader is chosen he wouldn’t have time to campaign, let alone a chance of having the support of the province.
No, it is likely we have said good-bye to McGunity for good.

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