BSSVSC rejected by students

Representing the Faculty of Education, Nathan Cheney was elected to the Brock University Students’ Administrative Council (BUSAC) over former councillor Rachael O’Brien. The Goodman School of Business will be represented by Danielle Hunter followed by Fajar Sawar and Faran Siddiqi respectively. The results will be officially ratified by BUSAC at council’s Oct.30 meeting.
One other question was poised to students during this election, that being of whether students would pay $2.75 per credit to fund the Brock Student Sexual Violence Support Center.
The result of the election was 720 (41.9%) votes in favour of the motion and 905 (52.7%) votes against. There were 93 spoiled ballots.
As a result, the referendum failed.
This means that students will not be charged $2.75 per credit next year for the funding of the Brock Student Sexual Violence Support Center. The organization may however choose to seek funding for its endeavours through other sources of revenue if it wishes to do so.
The election results raise several interesting questions; the first deals with the future of the Brock Student Sexual Violence Support Center.
At this point, the final fate of the Brock Student Sexual Violence Support Center is yet to be known. It is possible that a new petition could be brought to BUSAC within the next year, in which case a new referendum would be held and students would once again vote on the issue. It is also equally as possible that the leaders of the organization could end their quest for a student funded center to support victims of sexual assault.
A second deals with BUSAC and a problem that has plagued the democratic process for some time, that being the persistent trend of councillor absenteeism. While all faculty seats may now be full with the culmination of the by-elections, they may not necessarily remain this way. Every year, at least several councillors are removed from council due to repeated unexplained absences (this does not include absences due to class conflict.)
With the end of the October by-elections comes the beginning of the next election season, that being the February executive elections during which the incoming BUSU President, three Vice-Presidents, and student-at-large Board of Director members are elected. Also included in the February elections will most likely be a referendum on the renewal of the Student Justice Center fee.
For more information on BUSU elections visit or contact BUSU Chief Returning Officer Jimmy Norman at

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