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In retrospect, she never knew she had a gift. Her earliest memories include growing up in Chippawa, Ont. on what used to be the battlegrounds, where she played soldiers with a little boy who she remembers. She later learned from her mother that there never was a little boy who came over to play.
“When you have this kind of gift you don’t realize that it’s not normal to hear voices or see people because you’re accustomed to it and it’s a part of your every day. It’s a part of you,” said Jewelee, a Niagara Falls-based psychic medium.
For 20 years now, Jewelee has been sharing her psychic abilities with others, earning her the recognition of being Niagara’s most renowned and respected psychic medium and tarot card reader. She currently works out of her Niagara Falls shop where she also reads palms and witches runes, as well as works with a wide variety of crystals and herbs. In addition, Jewelee also works online where she answers several E-mail readings a day.
“People often ask me who has trained me, but it’s nothing I wasn’t born without. Even when I was younger I remember experiencing premonitions. I remember that I once saw a car accident and though I was able to pinpoint the scene and the accident itself, I wasn’t able to determine the person who was killed. I lost a friend of mine to a drunk driver a very short while after that,” said Jewelee.
The difference between other psychics and Jewelee is that she is also a medium. When an individual is a medium, they are able to mediate communication between spirits of the dead and other human beings.
“A medium will connect with someone you know, like a grandparent. If the identity of the person you are connecting with can be validated then you know that you are dealing with a credible medium. Being able to link the client with someone from their own life is the whole point of mediumship,” said Jewelee.
While the hit TLC show Long Island Medium has been generating much talk and viewership, it is still edited for television like everything else we watch. In an entire episode, the shock value comes at the very end and lasts for about a minute while the rest of the show speaks of medium Theresa Caputo’s daily life. Jewelee believes that shows like this give viewers the wrong idea about mediums and often leave them expecting the same kind of wow factor as seen on TV; however, messages do not come through from the other side that way.
“Mediumship can get very jumbled and it’s not the way it is on TV where people get an instant message. Rather, sometimes messages take a bit of time to decipher and they are continually hammered at me, which means that I keep hammering it to the person I am reading until they understand,” said Jewelee.
As an example, one time a woman brought a photo in to Jewelee. Typically, Jewelee does not like looking at photographs because they confuse her when picking up on the person’s energy, which is why she usually ends up flipping pictures over and reading their energy instead.
“In this photo, I knew that it was this woman’s father and I told her that I was sensing an elderly man and could hear him talking about fish. I asked her if he was a fisherman and she said no. I asked if he had ever owned a boat and she said no. As it turned out, he never fished, he actually didn’t like the water, not even to swim. I let it go even despite the fact that I was still receiving the word fish from him,” said Jewelee. “Then he jumped to this lady in a yellow dress and I told the woman that I was getting that she was probably from England. The woman was blown away and said that it was her English mother and that the one year on her birthday they took her out for fish and chips.”
Jewelee does two different types of readings. The first consists of focusing on what’s to come for the individual and touches upon work, relationships and finances.
However, though she is also a medium, she is able to hone in and provide more in-depth responses. This way, if someone is foreseen opening a new business, Jewelee can provide them with information such as what kind of business it will be, what that person would be strongest at, how long it will take to get the business off of the ground, what to be weary of, any possible legal issues and so forth.
The second kind of reading that Jewelee does is mediumship, which individuals choose to do in hopes of connecting with someone who has crossed over. In this case, Jewelee begins channeling that person and then allows any others who may be present to come through as well.
“A lot of people want both kinds of readings but you can’t do that. I often compare it to trying to tune into two different radio stations at the same time. This can’t happen with two different energies and sequences,” said Jewelee.
When Jewelee begins reading for someone, she starts off very general and covers topics such as the person’s thoughts, relationships and finances. Then, based on what she sees, she begins a more thorough and in depth analysis.
“By starting off generally it allows me to pinpoint on-going or current issues in that person’s life, so I don’t even have to have them come right out and tell me,” said Jewelee. “It’s how I familiarize myself with the person’s situation before branching out.”
Jewelee also always uses tarot cards to enhance the readings and help herself channel the person’s energy.
“Once again, the difference between a medium and someone who reads tarot cards is that someone who just reads them memorizes a couple different meanings to be applied to everyone. On the other hand, someone like me will be able to read the cards according to the person’s energy, not based on a book meaning,” said Jewelee.
With tarot cards, they are laid out and the pictures on them are put together to tell of a story. In order to be psychic, you have to be able to tap into the person’s energy to know whether a card is a sickness card, a rehab card, a mental illness card or whether it’s just a take a day in bed card. There is no single concrete meaning for each card because everyone is different. The key with tarot cards is being able to put them in the context of somebody’s life.
Personally speaking, writing this article also meant putting myself in the hot seat and having a reading done. Despite being a natural skeptic, I had a curiosity that I could not ignore. A mix of nerves and excitement in the days leading up to my reading, I just hoped to God that I wouldn’t be told I’d be dying soon (I am a crazy person). When I finally sat down with Jewelee, I felt as though I was in the presence of someone who has known me for years. She made me feel at ease and suddenly I no longer feared what she would tell me. The good news is that I’m not dying anytime soon; in fact, I have much to look forward to as far as Jewelee is concerned. To say the least, I left feeling good about the things I was told and while some things came as a surprise, others were things that have crossed my mind a million times before, and having her pick up on them astonished me.
When it comes to her own life, Jewelee’s psychic gift is nothing she can turn off. Since she works long hours, the energy of others tends to follow her. At her home she sometimes finds that the lights will go off and bizarre things will happen.
“It’s a supply and demand kind of living. When somebody calls me crying on the phone and they’re really upset because they’ve lost somebody or something’s going on, I hate saying no. I’m really good at grounding myself and not taking in other people’s pain though,” said Jewelee.
“That being said, if I know that somebody’s coming in for mediumship, I find that it will start with me the night before. I’ll wake up from dreams with messages because they’re bombarding me. Sometimes it’s bad enough that I’ll even be calling clients saying, ‘I think this is for you.'”
Despite how dominant Jewelee’s psychic role is in her life, she wouldn’t give it up for anything. To her, the most rewarding part of it all is being able to help others, provide closure and give hope. Even when she sees roadblocks up ahead for people, she is able to provide them with the tools to overcome the difficult times.
“In all honesty, we all have good and bad things happen to us. In 20 years of doing readings no one has walked out of here and got hit by a bus, just as no one’s won the lottery, it just doesn’t happen that way,” said Jewelee. “So, it’s almost like even if you’re afraid, there’s always going to be positive and I can take the negative and turn it into a positive. Even though someone’s grieving, I can provide them with peace. You have to be ready to hear what I’m going to say. What’s meant to come through will.” Often times, people are skeptical when in comes to psychics. However, these individuals should open themselves up to the idea before writing it off completely.
“People ask ‘well how do I know I can trust you?’ and in all honesty, you don’t. It may take someone actually coming into the store, talking to me and getting a feel for this environment. One of the biggest compliments I get when people come in is that they say they feel really relaxed here. People have to trust their own judgments. If you don’t feel at ease then that’s a red flag you should acknowledge,” said Jewelee.
The individuals who walk through the hot pink door of Jewelee’s shop tend to feel comfortable almost immediately, but then again, that is why she is Niagara’s most renowned and respected psychic medium.
Jewelee’s shop is located at 4911 Victoria Ave., Niagara Falls. Those interested in finding out more about Jewelee should feel free to stop by the shop or visit her Web site at

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