Cool off at Ricky’s Big Scoop

On Sept. 8-9, local restaurant owner, Ricky Lakeit, is holding the grand opening of the newest ice cream parlour in town – Ricky’s Big Scoop – in downtown Thorold. If you are in the area, stop by. Lakeit is offering some great deals for the opening which he hopes will entice new customers.
“We’re going to be doing 25 per cent off of some of the ice cream flavours, we’re going to be doing free waffle cones with our house-made gelato, and it will be free pops with all food orders for the day,” said Lakeit.
Ricky’s Big Scoop is primarily an ice cream parlour, but it also doubles as a nice place to stop for hot and fresh sandwiches and other delicious delicacies as well.
Such items include poutine; “Sammiches” like the Kahuna made with homemade pineapple salsa, black forest ham, Swiss cheese and bacon; or the Buffalo Fish Wrap, which is beer-battered cod, vinegar slaw, cheddar cheese smothered in a Buffalo ranch dressing.
“We knew that we didn’t just want to be an iced cream store because who doesn’t love a good sandwich?” said Lakeit.
Lakeit has been cooking professionally since high school. It has always been a passion of his, and in 2011 he decided to embrace his roots and open the first location of Ricky’s Big Scoop in a smaller location in downtown Thorold.
“I opened up the old place in February 2011,” Lakeit said. “I never thought I’d be back in the restaurant industry. I was unemployed and looking on Kijiji for jobs. I saw ‘Iced Cream Store For Sale’, called my wife at work and asked if we could spend our wedding savings opening an iced cream store. She said, ‘only if we have gelato.'”
The initial location was successful until summer hit. The high volume of customers flooding into the very small space became difficult to deal with and business suffered.
“The first thing we realized was that the space was working against us,” said Lakeit.
The overwhelming amount of time and energy that Lakeit and his staff invested was in vain as customers became deterred to enter the building.
“One of the main focuses is that we do want to be attractive to the Brock students, and that’s something that, with the other space, we couldn’t do. The bus would drive by and the students would walk by and they were never looking in,” he said.
Lakeit moved into the new location on July 17.
“The first time we came in here (the new location), the building was just open. It was just brick walls and floor,” said Lakeit. The new location at 40 Front St. South in Thorold is a space that perfectly suits the business, and Lakeit couldn’t be happier.
Ricky’s Big Scoop’s grand opening is Sept. 8-9. 

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