Voting for the nicest design

Let’s be realistic. Of all the reasons you could think of to vote for a candidate in this year’s BUSU election, voting for the candidate with the nicest posters will likely be done by a few hundred voters, so why not make that an educated vote?
My thoughts exactly.
Let’s start with the presidential candidates. I am conflicted as to what I like more, Kurtis McCartney’s phenomenal slogan, “Better. Stronger. Faster.” and that lovely heart, or James O’Brien’s confident, respectable and stunningly attractive smile. Do I want someone who gets the concept of irony in poster design, or someone who will stand up for my rights as a student with politeness and confidence.
Adam Crapsi, your posters are absolutely crapsi. It looks like you made them in about three minutes, and it seems you did it three months ago when Thistle was actually leaking. Seriously, you come off as childish and pathetic. Those posters are kind of an insult to this entire election.
The race for vice president of university affairs is actually the most interesting race, poster-wise at least. Damien O’Brien’s posters are utilitarian, straight-forward and declare proudly that Damien O’Brien will be hard-working and a man of the people. Chris Raimondo’s posters seem to advertise a distinguished individual, who is respectable, honest, has clean morals and a clean style. My first reaction to Raimondo’s posters was “Oooo! Pretty!” but then I remembered that he was looking to get elected, not honour himself after having served a successful year in office. This one’s a toss-up, folks, can’t help you here.
Colourful and misguided, the race for vice president student services (VPSS) is a mess. With four candidates and attempts at humour both successful and alarmingly unsuccessful. I can understand why a candidate for the job of running ‘fun events’, would want to declare themselves as fun and clever, but being fun and clever when you don’t know how to be fun and clever makes you look awkward and foolish.
Ian Barnett, I laughed when I read your slogan but you failed to prove to me that you’re indeed awesome. Your poster makes an attempt at humour, and succeeds, but you forgot to include the part about how you’ll be a good person to help spend a couple million of our dollars. But don’t worry too much, because Matt Ray Smith failed where you succeeded, and then also failed where you failed. Your hair is blue, you’re not funny, the opinion of your mother seriously does not matter at all, and the colours of your poster resemble Smurf puke. You can’t expect to win with a campaign that would’ve lost in most high school elections.
For the two ladies running for VPSS, the fella’s posters are a blessing. Aesthetically, neither Lisa Grouchy or Lisa Piroli’s posters stand out, but both are informative, attractive and pleasant. Not gloriously interesting, both Grouchy (in blue) and Piroli (in purple) seem happy with pleasant smiles and straight forward colour schemes, looking respectable and intelligent.
For the vice president of finance & administration and the Board of Directors candidates, those of you have created and displayed posters, I thank you. It shows you care. Also, congratulations, and don’t drop the ball.
For all the winners, that last line goes for everyone.

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