President candidate: Kurtis McCartney

1. Kithio Mwanzia is the president, Adam Smith is the current VPFA, Brad Humble VPUA, and Lauren Souch is VPSS.
2. Fair election – co-operation, abiding by the rules, similar goals.
3. Notify the authorities.
4. Jack Lightstone captures most of the attention these days, but I’m kind of at a blank here.
5. First off there would be dealing with student apathy, as well as improving the U-Pass, working on our media organizations like CFBU and BrockTV and the Brock Press, basically it goes with improving how information is sent from the university to the students. Those are all the major ones, there are a lot of smaller issues.
6. I love the idea of having the Learning Commons. Most other universities have a similar academic space. I’m hoping that it gets done in a reasonable amount of time.
7. Down the hill, it comes back to the U-Pass, I know it’s a big issue … BOC and work with the residence equivalent, RAC to help them provide their services in a similar fashion in a level of cohesion between what happens on and off campus.
8. The Brock Press still has their degree of separation from BUSU but I am hoping that some kind of remedy can be put out there.

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