Access to Brock parking less than satisfactory

If you are holding your breath waiting for Brock University to become more accessible and have parking become less of a chore, you had better exhale because it is not about to change.
Getting to school, whether it be your own vehicle, city bus, charter bus, taxi cab or any other form of transportation, is causing Brock students quite the headache.
With only one main entrance into campus everyone is fighting to simply get here on time.
Coming off of Glenridge, Merrittville Highway or St. David’s Rd., everyone is forced to go in the same spot, causing delays and backups that stretch for miles.
In the early morning, you will see campus police out directing traffic at the four-way stop sign, sending cars to Zone 2 and buses to the tower. With two four-way stops so close to each other on the way to Zone 2, this is where the major backup occurs.
While all of this is going on, the intersection at Glenridge Ave., Merritville Hwy and St. Davids Rd., is becoming jam-packed, creating a dangerous environment – people are running red lights and staying in the intersection, causing traffic going elsewhere to be blocked off as well.
If there was one thing Brock students could agree on, it was that there needs to be alternate entrances into the parking lots.
“I wish they would create some more entrances,” said second year student Tara Boudens, who parks her car in Zone 1. “I would put one off of Glenridge and one [off of Merrittville]. It would make parking easier, everyone packs into one area.”
While that one area Boudens refers to is the one closest to the school, an alternate entrance may alleviate some of the congestion, avoiding having every car go to the same spot.
Jeff Hood, a fourth year student who parks in Zone 2 agrees with his fellow student.
“[An entrance] off Merrittville would be perfect,” said Hood. “Maybe not for Zone 1, but for Zone 2 it would decrease the time for sure.”
But is this idea of alternate entrances even on the radar for those at Brock’s parking services?
According to Al Ross, supervisor of parking services, it is, just not very strongly.
“It was talked about when Zone 2 was re-done and they looked into getting access off of Merrittville,” said Ross. “There was a problem with the region which is why it didn’t happen, but it is in the ongoing master plan.”
When that master plan will actually be put into effect, if ever, is unknown.
Unfortunately, this situation has caused students to break a rule or two, simply to get where they are going on time.
“It took me half an hour to get in and find a spot one time,” said fourth year psychology major Corinne Seely. “I ended up parking on the spot with the lines and got a ticket.
“I had to be at a meeting, and I really didn’t have a choice, it was bad.”
Money is certainly not the reason for not constructing new entrances, as roughly 5,500 parking passes were sold between Zone 1 and 2 this year, averaging about $230 per pass. The university brings in over one million dollars from parking passes alone. Keep in mind that those numbers only come from the September-April passes, not to mention all of the other reserved and residence passes.
This money goes back into the ancillary fund at Brock University, with only parts of it going back into the parking lot itself.
Students agree that Brock needs to have better access from a transportation standpoint and that whatever problems the university has run into with the region to prevent his from happening, needs to be rectified.

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