Ppl who can’t walkTo CM from the opinion page. We pose a question. Why does St. Kitts have the highest rate of obesity in Canada? Ideas like shuttle buses out to Zone 2 parking, that’s why! We parked in “free parking” last year, without the nice paving, with the potholes deeper than BUSU radio’s debt, in the rain, wind and snow. To the lazy: its only a 10 minute walk. Save yourself a heart attack and get some god damn exercise.


dearest “sarah” and “angry loner”…

i was merely pointing out an obvious fact that brock seems to have this hidden budget that can afford nice, spiffy leather chairs.. (that smell like dead animals… but that’s besides the point)… yet at the same time, lack in funding elsewhere. you can have your leather chairs, and i hope that you DO enjoy them… bc if you didn’t.. that would just be a waste of money, now wouldn’t it? so, sit on those chairs dammit!!! inhale those carcinogens dammit!!!and be studious AND comfortable!!! I PRAISE THEE… i was merely stating an obvious point.

that is all. carry on.

ps.. i hope you get reincarnated as an animal that is slaughtered for it’s skin.. no matter right? you’d be making some studious people “comfy”!

pps… you didn’t say anything about my thumb being up there last night, now did you…


That is asking for a lot? I don’t think so. Any of those things there are common sense to a decent guy but if any guy does those things, well, they are not worth the time or effort. If you wanna talk at all, email me at Shyguy5713@hotmail.com. Peace.

Tip #1

When you are with another guy, or girl for that matter, avoid talking about previous experience unless asked.

Your local love expert


OH! I feel so good!

Either you’re in or out, DON’T linger on the foyer

I can’t see my bellybutton

Are you ready for the cookout??


Do they have one with Molehills?

The Mission

It’s on ‘The List’

Morally unique

Is there a problem with the Sneakiness???

NOT the Iversons

I’m down for a Sing-a-Long


I’ve got big fingers, but she got small arms



It’s against my religion

Iwant to vacuum

- The Girls

To the noisy girls in astronomy class:

Every Astronomy 1F00 lecture i’ve been to so far.. I’ve been making the

mistake of sitting in the same spot… and every lecture there were these two girls who giggled and talked all throughout… you know who u are.. two dumb blondes sitting at the back… either shut the f*ck up.. or don’t come to class.. some of us are interested in the material.. or did you forget you paid .. 800 for that class…



Women in computer science. 3 isn’t enough, believe me. So come on down to J-block, we will pry ourselves away from our computers for you. Hows that for a compliment.

Buses or toilet paper?

Everyone is bitching about the U-pass, but here’s a novel idea, lets all bitch about something much more important than the damn U-pass…1 ply toilet paper. Its an issue that effects us all when it comes time for “clean-up”. I say we have a referendum to have the University supply uswith the soft comfort 2 ply provides.

Thrice Fan

Who wants to start a band?


I am a first year student attending Brock and was wondering if anyone was interested in forming a band? I’m a self taught bass player who has been playing for about 4 and a half years. I’ve played in many bands before and have also sang. I prefer to play alternative and classic rock, but I’m open to anything. If you are serious about jamming and are a guitarist or drummer, you can contact me at: jb03tu@brocku.ca or give me a ring here on campus @ ext 7509

It’s kind of like euchre…

… only it takes skill!


damn microsoft monopoly

I’m shocked at the ween talk at brock. I thought everyone here decided to fall under the classic designations defined by empty-v and its little sister, much. Anyway they’re coming to Toronto Nov. 3rd so if any of y’all want to go see the greatest live band in the world drop me a line. -> times_thine_inequity@hotmail.com

oh yeah if you don’t believe me download “ween – lmlyp (atl).mp3″ from



Dear Ken:

I’m glad you’re dead! Good riddance, you annoying prat!

- Your Cheerful Stalker

Attention Students!

The student head of the United Way Murder Mystery Campaign has been found MURDERED!

He was beaten to death with a crutch, and found on his body were: a ruined text book, a smudge of red lipstick, bits of broken glass, fresh coffee spills on his shirt, a broken cell phone, a crumpled chip bag.

If anyone has any information, please, contact the Campus Detective, or post an unclassified, and attend the Murder Mystery Dinner on October 30th.Website address to be published. THANK YOU!

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