O-week budget balances out

This year’s successful O-Week saw not only a high student turnout, but also a nearly balanced budget.After facing a $20,000 loss last year, Brock University Students’ Union (BUSU) representatives had quite a job ahead of them this year.

Kim Lazenby, vice president of Student Services, says how things worked out financially for 2003.

“This year’s total budget was $15,000,” says Lazenby. “At this point we are still waiting for some of the numbers to come in but it looks as if our expenditures were right on track and that we should be fairly close to our targeted budget.”

“The fact that we constructed a specific budget and stuck to it was helpful,” says Lazenby of one reason that the orientation committee was able to keep things within budget parameters.

Tyler Burke, director of special events for BUSU, concurred with Lazenby’s statement, saying: “Having a realistic budget ahead of time, and very early in the game really contributed to us being able to stay on budget. In years past, that had not been the case, so it was really important for us to have a firm budget.”

Lazenby stresses the event’s success this year, “quite a few people came through the orientation area, but classes inhibited attendance during the last day. On the Monday of O-Week, we had the support of the residence and the residence life staff, so it was very successful.”

Lazenby says new events also helped with this year’s success.

“The faculty time BBQ was something new this year,” she says. First year students received letters inviting them to a BBQ held by their faculty. This gave them a chance to meet people, and socialize while getting information on their faculty.”

Lazenby cited this and other reasons for the event’s turnout and success this year.

Burke, however, says there were a few areas in need of improvement for next year.

“We need more of an emphasis on daytime programming and more of a draw outside. I think that this year we focused on our evening activities, and they were really successful, so if we keep those things next year, and if we build upon them and expand the daytime programming, things should be even more successful in 2004.

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