Pro bus pass chimes in

My question to all those upper year students who have a lot of negative things to say about the U-pass is this: where were you last March? Both BUSU and student committees worked extremely hard to inform the student body about the referendum through a variety of media including; posters, flyers, the Press, the internet, as well as an open forum. Every single undergrad student had ample opportunity, not to mention the responsibility, to inform themselves of the issue and to actively participate by voting. Unfortunately, only approx. 4000 students voted out of nearly 13 000. However, 65.5 per cent of those voters voted “Yes.” So I apologize that you are just now feeling the need to become ‘active,’ but the votes were already tallied … about six months ago. Before you sign any petition trying to reverse last spring’s referendum decision, please inform yourselves of the facts and not the opinions of those who had nothing to say last March. Parking rates were going to increase regardless of the U-pass – the ‘yes’ vote had absolutely no impact on this increase. Every student pays for parking lot maintenance through hidden fees in their tuition … even those who have never used a parking spot. Every year you’ve paid tuition, you’ve paid for parking.

We all pay for things in our tuition that we may never use. There are dozens of services at Brock that a minority of students use, but that we all pay for – that’s life. I encourage all drivers who live on a bus route to try taking the bus.

The reality is, you have a buspass now so you might as well give it a try. Granted, it may be a little bit more inconvenient, but also consider the benefits – you get dropped off right in front of the tower, you don’t have to worry about the stress of traffic or finding a parking spot, you can ignore skyrocketing gas prices for the afternoon and maybe most importantly, you’d be unselfishly helping out the environment in a small way. To everyone coming out of the woodwork now, props for speaking your minds, but timing is everything.

Every returning student had a chance to vote last March and the majority already chose to include the U-pass in our tuition. Before you open your mouths to berate last year’s referendum decision, first open your minds and intelligently consider all the information like a record number of people did last March. Form your own opinions, and visit for the FACTS about the U-pass.

And to those students who spoke up when the referendum was actually held last school year – congratulations for voicing your opinion when the voting took place … rather than six months later.

- Stephanie VanderWeide
4th year, CHYS

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