Kim Meade appointed Vice-president student services

Brock University is welcoming Kim Meade as the new associate vice-president student services.Dr. Terry Boak, Brock’s vice president academic and provost, explains why Meade was selected out of the more than 50 applicants for the position. “She has the academic qualifications – she has a master’s degree,” said Boak. “She worked for ten years at Acadia University in student services and had an accomplished career there.

“We were looking for an individual who would work well in the Brock environment, someone who would work well with students and faculty. She demonstrated this in the interview process. When we spoke to her previous employers they confirmed what we experienced; she is energetic and is an extremely strong communicator.”

Meade’s responsibilities will include providing direction and leadership to student services on campus. The student development centre, registrar’s office, career services, student health services and residence areas will all report to her.

She will also be ensuring that student functions, like Isaac’s bar, are run appropriately – though this is not technically her jurisdiction.

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