Women’s soccer kicks aside Waterloo indoors

A team comprised of first and second year Brock women’s soccer players captured an indoor tournament this past weekend at Brock.After posting a 2-1-1 record in the round robin portion of the tournament, the women stepped it up in the semi-final, defeating a talented Niagara University side in the semi-final, and toppling the Waterloo Warriors in the final.

The tournament didn’t start out well for the young team, drawing their first game, then losing to Guelph 1-0. However, they did not quit, and defeated the St. Catharines Jets 2-1, then beat Niagara University’s B-team 2-0.

In the semi’s Brock employed a fantastic strategy, isolating Niagara’s A-team’s best player, effectively taking her out of the game. The rest of the team was free to work the floor and they ended up with a 4-0 win to get them to the final.

Waterloo did well to make it to the final game, but were no match for the energetic women, who won 3-0 and took the tournament championship.

“I knew these were strong players,” said Ron Gourlay, coach of the team. “The influx of younger players … it’s nice to see it.”

Brock’s whole team effort was the key to the wins. Gourlay made special mention of Lindsey Drysdale, Michelle Edgar, Melanie Mol and Alison Thom. He was also quick to credit Sarah Dionne and Tara Parker, who stepped into the lineup with little experience, and came out looking like they belonged.

The goaltending of Megan Climenhage and Lyndsey White was rock solid, especially in the final four games of the tournament, where the two conceded just one goal.

Brock’s other women’s team, comprised of third and fourth year students, lost a disappointing match to McMaster in the final game of the round robin, and did not move on to the playoffs.

Going into the match, Brock controlled their own destiny, and held a 2-1 lead late in the contest, but allowed two “silly” goals as Gourlay put it, and fell 3-2 to the Marauders squad.

During a 1-2-1 round robin, the Brock team did defeat tournament runner-up Waterloo.

A Brock alumni team also competed, and were the only team undefeated in tournament play, going 0-0-4.

Brock’s men’s alumni team fared extremely well, but ultimately fell in the final.

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