Vote YES, it’s Time!!

I am a second year Business Administration student here at Brock. This year I live off-campus and used the transit system as my main source of transportation. Next year I will be fortunate enough to have my own car to use. However, I am still 150% for the universal bus pass. Not only will that help save many people a lot of money next year, I believe it has benefits for everyone, even me, who will be driving. For the last 2 years part of my tuition has gone towards helping to pay for parking. I have never once used any of the parking at Brock. So why not help those who have to take the bus? We are not talking about outrageous amounts of money being added to tuition. It will probably only be around $100-$120 a year, with the school subsidizing $150,000. This will give everyone the freedom to take the bus if you are a student at Brock, not only in St. Catharines, but also in Niagara Falls, Welland, and Thorold. Even if you have a car, there are always days in the winter when you’d rather not drive, days when cars break down and you still have to make it to school, rising gas prices that are making it more and more expensive to drive! That’s when a universal bus pass will come in VERY handy! And let’s not forget those days when you have a break between class and do not want to lose your parking spot. You have the freedom of hopping on the bus, going to the mall, downtown or even home without losing your spot for free.

An even larger issue a universal bus pass will help with is the overcrowding of parking lots! I have heard time and time again complaints from students who drive, about the limited parking at Brock and with the double cohort coming next year it is only going to increase the problem. So why not stop complaining and do something that will help deal with the problem. Also, there are environmental issues. Having more people use the bus will help reduce pollution and for around $100, who wouldn’t want to do that?!?!

There will also be a lot of first years that will be coming to Brock next year. Probably most of them will not be bringing a vehicle. They will not get a chance to vote, yet most of them would probably be for the universal bus pass if given the opportunity to vote. Especially when they find out how much a bus pass costs normally. $540 for a school year!!!!! That is outrageous!!

We pay the most here for a bus pass, it’s time to catch up with other schools who have had a universal bus pass for YEARS!! Vote YES for the universal bus pass! IT’S TIME! MARCH 26-28, 2003

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