Notice to students:

The day WAR is officially launched by the U.S. there will be an academic strike at Brock.

Students and faculty will meet at noon at Brock Tower information desk for a Peace Rally and March. Faculty are asked to cancel regular curriculum and instead discuss the war.

Rally in Toronto

First Saturday after the U.S. invades Iraq there will be a peace rally in Toronto. It will take place at the US Consulate, University Ave. north of Queen St. TORONTO.

I can’t stand cheap people. It makes me real mad when someone says something like, “Hey, when are you going to pay me that $100 you owe me?” or “Do you have that $50 you borrowed?”

Man, quit being so cheap!


We want our money back!

We are paying $1.20 per course for Brock Radio! But where is Brock radio?

So, for the 12,000 students at brock, where is that money? What is up with that? We want that money back! How dare they take that money from us!

To the Brock Meatatarians!

I never knew there were others like me out there — all I can think about is meat — dripping chicken wings, saucy steaks, juicy pork — ooooh baby. I want to share my tasty dreams and talk about yummy meat all night long 1-905-LOVE-HAM!

To the protesting Brock Vegans outside of McDonalds on Wednesday:

In line with what was once said by the great Mrs.Doubtfire

“It was a drive-by hamburgering”

And leave our Ronald out of this

– Frannicus (4th Kin)

Yo, Vegan Club!

Only one problem with the McDonald’s posters … the sight of a slaughtered cow always gives me a HUGE craving for a rare steak. If it makes you feel better, I was vegetarian for a year, but when I got hungry watching a slaughterhouse video I figured there was no point to being vegetarian anymore! I’d definately get a pig roast going if you did! Mmm… roast pork …

– Mighty Aphrodite – Sex Goddess

Hey Princess,

Happy Birthday!

Brown Club clarification

I just wanted to clarify for anyone that reads that unclassifieds that I, Nick Brown, am not involved with “The Brown Club” in any way! They just happen to like the Brown too …

Nick Brown


Jackson Main: Find (and marry!) this man

I love your writing. You are the funniest. Will you marry me?

From Jackson

To the girl above (at least I hope you’re a girl) who proposed to me, I say lets go for it. You organize it and I’ll show up.

J. Crackademia, PhD

Vote Yes

Vote “yes” in the referendum — for the good of the world.

The Green Club

To Brown Club:

Shut up

The Green Club

Meat-eating citizens:

The Brock Meatatarian Society recognizes recent vegeterrorist attacks as a clear and present danger to all decent meat-eating citizens. We MUST all band together to stop these outrageous acts of vegeterrorism. Support your local meatatarians @ syncmasterbb@yahoo.ca.

Going West?

Going west 1st week of April. I’m looking for somebody to share driving and the cost of gas. if your interested call 645-5577.


Hey McDumbass,

To the MEATheads that keep bad mouthing McDonalds. Have all the veggies made you stupid? I don’t think it’s a very good idea slandering one of the world’s largest companies in public, SINCE IT’S ILLEGAL. You better be careful or McDonald’s is going to turn all you vegans into hamburgers.


I love veggies … on hamburgers.

Even plants eat meat …

Recent scientific studies have found the Venus Fly Trap to be the highestevolved of all plants, indicating a direct link between the consumption ofmeat and evolutionary supremacy. Join the Brock Meatatarian Society at: syncmasterbb@yahoo.ca.


Haven’t we suffered enough?? I have better things to do on Tuesday nights!

tech geeks

10000001101 1011000 10101111!

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