Fun Poem from usa

“You disarm, or we will.”
–George W. Bush 10/5/02

Get me a war on in the morning, Ding dong! My polls are gonna shine!
Federal taxes down, state taxes up, No impeachment today? I must be okay!
Thank you nonvoters–In God’s name, I’m just killing for peace! I might be starting World War Three because I don’t have a Plan B.
(War in the name of peace is like having sex in the name of chastity.)
Why do an intern when I can do the world?

Our Southern border is invaded everyday, but I think that’s okay.
(“Regime change” is the issue of late, so why isn’t Cuba our 51st state?)
Bombing Afghanistan the flags were flying, so are our present polls lying?

School districts are floundering, deficit spending is astounding.
Education, health and social programs will be no more,
We’ve got a bigger one with W—–A—–R!
(36 states have budget problems, but how did my oil get under Iraq’s sand?)

I’m exceeding Hitler’s and the Roman Empire’s military budget.
Now you know what it’s like to be a “Good German” in the early 1930’s.
The more bombing heeded, the less humanitarian aid needed.
(Isn’t hatred as stupid has burning down a house to get rid of a mouse?)

National Council of Churches, Walter Cronkite, and the Pope say I’m wrong.
I think criticism is similar to treason–I won’t listen to reason.
I’ve got fact-free Limbaugh, CNN, Fox and corporate TV.
Corporations first, children last–it’s a shame Jesus was only in the past.

I foster fear because it helps keep the public in chaos and a mess.
Watch “Chicago” and see how easy it is to manipulate the press.
By always talking war, I’m slipping Congress garbage under the door.
I can think of several reasons why elections won’t be held in 2004.

Apathy is letting me bankrupt the nation.
Laura’s afraid of poets, but I’ve got the bullets.
Don’t try me for treason–I have my reason.
Don’t get mad–I’m doing this for Dad!

Please pass this on to others,

Ken & Jenny Levens

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