From noble beginnings to a great finale

The Brock women’s figure skating team has had a confusing season, to say the least. The team’s existence, which was questionable at the beginning of the year with the absence of a head coach, thrived this weekend with a fifth place finish in the Ontario University Athletics (OUA) championships.The team skated against far more established Ontario schools such as Queen’s and University of Toronto, outdoing all but one team in the synchronized team skate. Laurier was the only team to top the Brock women in the synchronized event.

Further impressive finishes came in the junior and senior silver ladies free skate as Victoria Leeming finished second in the junior event, and Krista Wright finished first for the seniors.

“If you’re going to win in a competition, it might as well be the OUA’s,” Wright said about the victory, adding that she is “very pleased with the results.”

The rest of the team took fourth place in pairs fours (consisting of Roxanne Swartz, Sabrina Tytla, Sarah Smith, and Kristyn Ivan) and sixth in bronze rhythm (consisting of Christina Paolini, Megan Franklin, Laura Baker and Ashleigh Baker), showing a consistency that can contend with any school in Ontario.

The results are a far cry from the persuasion that team captain Dana Cathcart needed to get the team in motion. The administration failed to allow the team to compete at the start of the season, as there was apparently no interest from a head coach at the time.

However, Erica Butch nobly decided to end her educational career prematurely in order to take over the head coaching position for the team.

“[Ending my education] was a very difficult decision for me,” Butch said. “But, I couldn’t let this team go down. Not with the amount of talent it had.

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