Brock group protests new McDonald’s

Ronald McDonald and company just can’t seem to catch a break.After a controversial ad campaign through Brock University’s hallways three weeks ago, members of the Ontario Public Interest Research Group (OPIRG) veggie club, again targeted the fast food chain when they staged a “McProtest” on March 12.

Held at the new St. David’s Road location, it was a peaceful protest, with the purpose of “educating the public on what McDonald’s does, and what is wrong with that,” says OPIRG veggie club collective member Dave Robertson.

According to Robertson, and fellow event organizer Sheena Low, McDonald’s is the greatest producer of garbage every year. The beef products produced and manufactured in Brazil lead to rainforest destruction. Further, the largest producer of beef in the world also provides the worst living conditions for animals on factory farms of any beef producer worldwide.

“And besides, other than the obvious, people know it’s shit food,” says Low.

The two reference the Web site for the facts against McDonald’s.

The Web site makes all of the above accusations, and outlines actual court cases where customers have sued McDonald’s.

The protest lasted for three hours, and brought out 20 supporters, who held signs reading things like “Conscious Consumption.” Passers-by showed support, and any customers who stopped to talk to the protesters were treated to vegetarian chili.

John Boychuck, owner and operator of six McDonald’s outlets in the Niagara region, including the St. David’s Road location, says it appeared that the turn out of the protest looks about as pathetic as their cause.

“Quite a number of customers that day were Brock students, and they were less than impressed,” he says. “With 30,000 restaurants in the world, people obviously don’t hate us. They are the minority.”

Boychuck claims that none of the information put out by members of the club, including pamphlets and posters, is truthful.

“The information isn’t sourced to anything; nothing is factual,” he says. “It’s as if they made all of this up. Nothing is true in terms of the rainforest, the conditions for the animals. It’s silly.”

Boychuck says the protests are nothing new, and that they have never really affected business.

“This is not new news, they have done this in the past,” he says. “I at least give them credit for doing it in a peaceful way. I lost no revenue over it.

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