5 bills up for grabs…are u going to be the one?

Dear “Jerks Who Wouldn’t Stop Singing”

You didn’t bother me that night at Kaz’s – in fact I wished I was part of your special group, so I too could enjoy the pleasures of bonding while belting out some soulful diddies. Unfortunately, I am very lonely and have none to share in the excitement of life you people seem to revel in. Please let me join your group/cult so at long last we can find harmony together through song.

From Envy

PS “Dude with the hawk” look for me around campus, I am emulating your look.


Congratulations to keep the count and designated non smoker contest winners.

To the people who think they are funny

You aren’t, so please don’t say things that you think are funny, because they are not, and you are not – funny that is.

Not even close to being truly yours,


Ladies, ladies, ladies,

You know that creepy guy who walks around the halls with his arm around a girl, and every single person except him can tell instantly that it’s far from mutual? Ladies, if that girl is you, don’t be afraid to tell him not to touch you anymore. It’s a different girl every time I see him, and none of them are happy about it.

You know who you are

You thought mixed vegetables were bad. Too bad we won’t all be around next year to keep you on your toes.

The girls


I know that guy you’re talking about … how does he get those girls?

BUSU has done as they promised and brought a sensitive and difficult issue to the front. I suspect that they will carry out their job with the dedication and vigor we have seen in the past – with this administration.

Charles Hill

Bathroom blues

Okay, I’m sick of it. Do people realize how inconvienent it is to have to go to the bathroom so bad using a stall that does not shut/lock?

We females who need to use the bathroom in AS face this tragedy everyday. It has been bloody four months now into the school year, and there still are no locks on the stalls.

Do people not realize that whilst going to the bathroom for females, pulling down ones pants requires two hands–one for the right side and one for the left. And likewise with pulling up your pants? GEE WILLICKERS!

They can afford a bloody five grand TV screen for Isaac’s, but they can’t even put locks on bathroom stalls … I’m glad to see that people here have their priorities straight! (Some people’s children!)

That is all. the end.

Svendella Kantfeis



Here is a delicious vegan recipe my mom makes. It has peanut butter in it, so warn any guests who might have peanut allergies, unless you want to kill them.

Place in a large frying pan or wok:
2 large onions cut into semi-circle rings
2 green peppers cut into thin strips
2 cups fresh mushrooms (either sliced or quartered)
2 cloves garlic, sliced fine
4 tblsp water
4 tsp oregano
1 tsp crushed red chilli peppers (add more if you likes it really really really ridiculously hot)
1/2 tsp Tabasco sauce
Stir over medium heat until veggies are tender crisp. There will be a lot of broth in your frying pan or wok. Then pour the veggies and the broth into a big casserole dish (split the veggies into 2 large casserole dishes if you don’t have enough room or if you’ve doubled the recipe).

In a blender, place:
1 28oz. can of tomatoes
1&1/3 cup peanut butter (any kind will do)
4 tsp (or 4 cubes) vegetable instant bouillon granules
Blend up those ingredients really well, and pour the mixture over the veggies. Stir the veggies and mixture together, and cover with lid or tin foil. Bake at 350 degrees Celsius for 50 minutes. Then, remove the cover (lid), and bake for an additional 10 minutes.

Serve over any kind of rice or pasta.

For more delicious vegan recipes, email brockveggie@hotmail.com


Reading week reading week,

comes once a year.

It’s really an excuse,

to consume lots of beer.

But really now guys,

Yes i’m talking to you,

I have tons of plans,

Now what should i do.

Should i go far away,

or stay close to home,

Or travel to B.C,

or maybe to Rome?

Should i stay in and study,

for that upcomming test,

Or watch lots of hockey,

And catch up on my rest.

Should i go to the bars,

and drink tripple sec,

Or work lots of hours,

and wait for my check.

Should I go out and shop,

at the pen centre mall,

Or stay home and wait,

for my next booty call.

That’s some on my plans,

I have but one more,

The ultimate plan,

is to get drunk and score.


Quit for Good contest .. .keep up the good work … your almost there

BUSU’s elections were fixed and I am the real Elvis

PS – Vote YES in the transit referendum

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