The search for extra-terrestrial life

“If congress will not do its job, the public will.”These strong words were spoken by the Citizen Hearing initiative, a group hoping to convince the United States congress to open official discussion about the UFO conspiracy. This will create media awareness and possibly force the government to reveal what it knows about extraterrestrial life.

The message will be made through a “simulated hearing.” If funding is available, the organization says it hopes to hold an accurate mock-congressional hearing for seven days this summer.

Five former members of congress will conduct the recreated congressional hearing and will give power to its message. Witnesses will give testimony based on their personal experience involving UFOs and extraterrestrial life forms, which will be formalized into a report, and forwarded to congress.

“While millions of people worldwide have come to understand they are not alone in the universe … the governments of the world, frozen in place by fear and indecision, have been unable to publicly engage this new reality,” explains Stephen Basset, founder of the Citizen Hearing organization.

Bassett has a long political record in the search of extraterrestrial life. He’s a founder of the Extraterrestrial Phenomena Personal Action Committee Disclosure 2003 (X-PPAC), and the Paradigm Research Group, all designed to explore the possibility of UFOs and force the government to fully disclose all that is known, but has been kept hidden from the public. The Citizen Hearing is the culmination of his work.

“There is a lot of mainstream interest and belief in the existence of aliens,” says Basset. “The support is out there.”

There are, however, many obstacles. A minimum $200,000 budget, which has yet to be gathered, is needed for the research. Media coverage has been assumed, but so far little news has surfaced about Basset’s various organizations, and no network has reserved coverage for the Citizen Hearing event.

With a weak economy, a potential war on Iraq and escalating nuclear conditions overseas, it may be difficult for Basset and X-PPAC to find support in Washington. While the truth may be out there, political support is not.

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