Badgers wrestle out another gold

In a fantastic display of athleticism, Brock University’s men’s and women’s wrestling teams captured team golds at the OUA Championships. For the men, it was their ninth consecutive overall crown, while the women would run off their third straight title, and fourth in the last five years. The tournament was another showcase of talent that has led to Brock being one of the most respected and feared wrestling schools in North America. Brock’s men’s team, who crushed rivals Guelph and Lakehead among others, qualified wrestlers in nine of 10 weight classes for the Canadian InterUniversity Sport (CIS) National Championships tournament that is to be staged at Brock Feb. 28 – Mar. 1. That total is the highest in Brock’s history. The women’s team was almost as impressive, qualifying wrestlers in five of seven weight classes.

Jamie Macari started things off right for Brock in the gold medal round, demolishing Matt Lawrence of Lakehead in the 54-kg class, despite some apparent bleeding in his nose.

The matched hinged on some controversy over scoring that initially brought Lawrence to within one point at 5-4, but after some debate by the judges, the score was revised to 6-3, and Macari had no trouble from there.

Macari was honoured for his efforts at the championship by being named Brock’s male athlete of the week.

Adam Fera was next up for the men in the 90-kg group, and he effortlessly disposed of Jake Gallinger of Lakehead 10-0 in a match that only took 2:48 to finish.

Heather Sweezey took to the mat next in the 57-kg women’s class, and despite some early problems, she was able to put away Ellen Marco of host McMaster 11-6.

As a result of her performance, Sweezey took home female athlete of the week.

Brock’s next gold medal winner was Jay Allin in the 61-kg class, as he beat Josiah Boyd of Mac 14-8, in a match that left both men bleeding.

Evan MacDonald took to the match after Allin, and proved that he wasn’t going to be shown up by his teammate. MacDonald took the 68-kg class easily, 10-0 over Brock Curtis from Lakehead.

Laura Jones scored a pin fall victory over Christine Calver of Lakehead in the women’s 70-kg class, and Ryan Weicker rounded out Brock’s wrestling gold medals with a flawless 10-0 win over Brent Fryia of Lakehead in the tournament’s last match.

In addition to the five men’s gold and two women’s gold, Brock wrestlers added on two silver medals and two bronze medals in men’s competition, while the women took two silver and one bronze.

Clint Kingsbury was exceptionally unlucky not to win gold, as he fell 10-9 in the last few seconds in his match against Ron Boucher at 57-kg. Kingsbury hurt his shoulder with the score tied at 8-8, and managed another point, only to see Lakehead’s Boucher score two in the waning seconds. Phil Vanderbeukal was similarly unfortunate, suffering a 2-0 loss to Orett Morgan, who wrestled a very conservative match and defeated Vanderbeukal in overtime.

Megan Dolan fell 3-1 to Tara Hedican of Guelph in a similarly defensive match, while Jenn Hanson was pinned by Pam Wilson of Mac. Both wrestlers took home silver.

Also capturing medals for the Badgers were Courtnay Lafond, Jeromie Sills and Kyle Sweezey, all winning bronze medals.

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