double cohort

it seems that Brock, as well as every Ontario University has a major problem developing. That problem is the coming double cohort. We are currently underhoused to handle this influx but that’s not thge issue I wish to address. I want to offer a potential solution to the overwhelming numbers of applicants being seen by all Ontario Universities. I suggest that Ontario Universities and High Schools start letting some of these OAC and especially the grade 12 graduates that just maybe, they DO NOT belong in a Univeristy. With all due respect you can not tell me that every one of these applicants actually belongs in an institution of hgher learning. I have no doubt whatsoever that some should be opting for the community colledge route instead or maybe even the job market.University is too quickly becoming just the next step after high school. It is not that simple. The academic and social demands make going to University a choice that IS NOT the right one for everyone. I’m not saying that Universities should start turning people away who qualify academically. But unless Ontario Universities want to see record failure rates amongst freshman I suggest that they, with co-operation from high school administrators, start doing what is necesary and telling some of the graduating students that no, University may not be right for them, they might not be academically strong enough.

I’m sorry if this opinion isn’t the same as yours, but I think that what I said is something that needs to be said by someone,

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